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by William Min ·Posted 06/29/2023
If you're looking to play your favorite games at Full HD 1080p with ray tracing, the NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4060 graphics card may be right for you. This Ada Lovelace architecture GPU features 3rd-generation RT cores and 4th-generation Tensor cores, like all 40-Series graphics cards. With 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, the GeForce RTX 4060 offers performance improvements of up to 2.3x over previous-gen GeForce RTX cards, while also being power
by William Min ·Posted 04/18/2023
Now featuring the advanced AMD chiplet design, AMD has finally brought its RDNA 3 architecture to its professional workstation graphics cards, the Radeon PRO W7800 and W7900. The chiplet design provides higher performance and greater efficiency than the previous generation, thanks to its inclusion of 5nm Graphics Compute
0 Views ·Posted 03/12/2023
In this video, Doug Guerra upgrades the PC he built in 2020 with the new Intel® Arc™ A770 and A750 graphics cards. Watch as Guerra explains what needs to be upgraded and demonstrates how each graphics card performs when editing and encoding video, as well as during AI Video Processing. 0:00 - Summary of Previous Build 3:34 - Upgrading Our PC 9:24 - Arc First Impressions 10:38 - Adobe Premiere Performance 12:02 - DaVinci Resolve
by Steven Esposito ·Posted 11/14/2022
ASUS aims to provide PC builders with a solid foundation for the 12th and 13th Gen Intel® processors with its latest Z790 series motherboards. Leveraging the LGA 1700 socket, Z790 chipset, and robust connectivity options, each motherboard has something to offer to gamers and content creators alike. For those looking for extreme levels of performance with enhanced power layouts, the ROG STRIX Z790-F GAMING WIFI and
by Steven Wong ·Posted 10/21/2022
Intel® brings a big boost to computing performance with the launch of its 13th generation Core™ i9, Core™ i7, and Core™ i5 desktop processors. The newest CPUs move the hybrid architecture design introduced with the
by Steven Wong ·Posted 09/27/2022
AMD takes content creation, gaming, and computing experiences to new dimensions with the launch of the Ryzen 7000 series of desktop processors. Powered by the all-new Zen 4 architecture with the 5nm process, these processors are designed to deliver exceptional performance and high energy efficiency. How much better? Compared to the previous version, AMD’s 4.5 GHz Ryzen 7950X 16-core flagship processor shows up to a 29% single-
by Staff Writer ·Posted 08/29/2022
Content creators know that, no matter your medium, you're going to need a laptop that can render large files quickly, including 8K HDR RAW video and 3D animation files. The Creator Z16P and Z17 series feature laptops armed with powerful Intel® and NVIDIA processors, meaning no rendering task is too great.
by Staff Writer ·Posted 08/29/2022
Entrepreneurs and business elites require laptops that are as reliable as they are versatile. The Summit series combines impressive performance, extra-long battery life, and a lightweight, aesthetically pleasing design that is stunning yet versatile. The result is a business-class laptop that can handle any task, any time, and anywhere while looking good accomplishing it. 
by M. Brett Smith ·Posted 08/01/2022
Renowned memory manufacturer Crucial first announced its debut line of DDR5 memory products in October 2021. The next-gen memory modules arrived with promises of faster transfer speeds, better power management, and double the effective bandwidth of their DDR4 predecessors. Unfortunately, high demand combined with serious supply-chain woes kept many DDR5 products off the shelves and out of
0 Views ·Posted 04/10/2021
Using the 11th Gen Intel® Core™ i9, specifically the 11900K, Doug Guerra builds and tests a custom PC made for gamers that can double as a workstation for creators. Watch how he does it, then enter for your chance to win this newly built PC stacked with an awesome collection of hardware to accompany it, along with other great prizes. Learn more about 11th Gen Intel® Core™ desktop processors
0 Views ·Posted 06/26/2020
Doug upgrades his workstation, showing you how to choose parts in order to create your own custom content creator computer. He asks a lot of his computer: 4K video editing, color grading, music production, motion graphics, photo editing, and gaming. A lot of you out there are probably doing all of these things and more, so why not build a computer that can do it all? For an additional step-by-step tutorial, check out our How to Build a Gaming PC.
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 01/28/2020
Built with compatibility for 3rd-Gen AMD Ryzen Threadripper processors, MSI’s TRX40 PRO WIFI TRX4 Motherboard has been designed with an extended heatsink that provides improved thermal conductivity and allows your components to remain cool, even when they are performing tasks that require increased processing power. Designed with an ATX form factor, MSI approached this motherboard in a forward-thinking manner, equipping it with four PCIe 4.0
by John-Paul Pale… ·Posted 02/13/2018
Designed for real-time, smooth performance on graphics-intensive work, virtual reality, and edge-computing environments, the HP Z4 G4 Series Tower Workstation supports up to 18 cores of processing power, 256GB of 2666 MHz DDR4 ECC Registered RAM, 22TB of storage, and dual NVIDIA Quadro P6000 graphics cards. It delivers real-time interaction, low latency, and advanced security for those working with massive data sets, cloud computing, and more
by William Min ·Posted 01/27/2017
At CES 2017, ASUS revealed its updated TUF, Prime, and Republic of Gamers Strix series of ATX and micro-ATX motherboards, which now support 7th-Gen Kaby Lake™ Intel® Core™ processors. These new motherboards also come in different models