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The Antelope Discrete 8 Pro Synergy Core offers premium sound quality and plentiful connectivity. Ideal for bands, studio owners, and recording engineers, this rackmount audio interface features 26 inputs, 32 outputs, 8 discreet preamps, Thunderbolt™ 3 and USB 2.0 Connectivity, and more! Click here to
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 09/09/2021
Focusrite’s Clarett USB Type-C audio interfaces are well respected for bringing studio-level recording quality to artists, producers, and engineers, and the fresh Clarett+ range—the 2Pre desktop 10 x 4 model, the 4Pre desktop 18 x 8 variant, and the
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 12/01/2022
In June 2021, Apple revealed two exciting developments for music lovers: Apple Lossless and Apple Spatial Audio, each on offer for Apple Music, and each available now—provided you have the right hardware and the right OS. What does this mean for you, the consumer? Let’s take a look. Apple Lossless We need to begin by defining “lossless” and “lossy.” I’ll use a mnemonic device to make it simple: A lossless file exhibits no loss of audio quality when compared to the original master. A lossy file—such as an MP3 or an AAC—does exhibit a loss in
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 06/08/2020
In this article, we’re going to cover how to set up an audio stream for your house of worship, so that you might reach people in their time of need. We will start by providing you options that let your congregation gather in the safety of their own vehicles in your parking lot—specifically, short-throw FM transmitters and networked solutions. Finally, we’ll cover ways to stream your service across the Internet as a whole, so you can reach your parishioners in their own homes. Localized Broadcasting Solutions Our first option involves FM
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/17/2020
Steven Slate is known for many things—creating industry-leading drum samples, fashioning world-class analog emulations—but a sleekly modern, 24-band EQ isn’t one of them. On Janurary 16, 2020, that changes: Slate Digital announced its new Infinity EQ, and we here at B&H are excited to carry it as soon as it becomes available. It is sure to be a boon for any mixing engineer who wants analog sound on a digital deadline. The interface may be recognizable to lovers of Fabfilter, iZotope, DMG Audio, or CraveDSP. Need a parametric boost at 2 kHz
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/14/2020
It’s NAMM 2020 time, and Novation is bringing its A-game for all Ableton Live aficionados. The new Launchpad Pro MK3 marks the pinnacle of powerful integration, with Ableton Live’s dizzying array of creative features. Whether or not you have experience with the original Launchpad Pro, the MK3 version is primed to take your Ableton Live productions and performances to new dimensions.
by Staff Writer ·Posted 10/22/2019
It’s fall, and you know what that means: Universal Audio has some new, exciting interfaces. Okay, that’s not what fall means, but Universal Audio still has these great pro audio interfaces, and we here at B&H are proud to carry them. First up is an all-new take on the Apollo Twin. Called the Apollo Twin X, this unit is a 10 x 6 interface communicating with computers over Thunderbolt™ 3 connections; now, if you use the Apollo Twin X with a MacBook Pro, there’s a chance you don’t have to buy a separate adapter! More important are the AD/DA—
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 12/10/2019
Everything about the new Mac Pro tower makes a commanding statement, sending a clear message that Apple is ready to dominate the professional market once again. Not only is it engineered for ultimate performance, but its modular design empowers the demanding engineer with the freedom to customize and expand the Mac Pro effortlessly according to their unique needs. Whether you’re scoring soundtracks, producing chart-topping hits, or mixing on the dub stage for a feature film, the
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/25/2019
Look, we don’t need to tell you about the legendary DAW Reason—it’s one of the oldest, most reliable, and most trustworthy tools for electronic music production. You probably know about its powerful sequencer, rack effects, and excellent soft-synths. So, if we were to announce a new version of Reason 11, we could see why it might not elicit excitement. What is there be to announce? New soft-synths? A higher-quality mix engine? An overhaul to Re-Wire behavior, so that it might better
by Staff Writer ·Posted 09/17/2019
The B&H Audio Department is pleased to announce Novation’s latest USB MIDI controller, the Launchkey Mini MK3, with 25 high-quality mini keys, 16 velocity-sensitive RGB pads, eight rotary controls, pitch and mod touch strips, and a sustain input. The controller is Novation’s most compact and portable keyboard controller to date and features some advanced features, such as a programmable arpeggiator and a fixed chord mode, as
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 04/09/2019
Whether you record demo tracks on the road, produce podcasts at home, or collaborate with other artists in random locations, having a travel-friendly audio interface is key to staying versatile in your work. An ideal interface would be small enough to fit in a backpack, laptop bag, or satchel while supporting multiple types of I/O and USB powering. Seriously, the last thing you need is to have your ideas vanish whilst frantically searching for a free AC power outlet. Thankfully, your options are plentiful in number, and I’d like to bring your
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/25/2019
Our friends at RØDE just can’t stop with the endless planning, scheming, and implementing of improvements to their product line. A perfect example is the RØDECaster Pro, the powerful integrated podcast production studio, released in late 2018. Though it already provided a wealth of user-friendly features, flexible functions, and tone-enhancing processing, RØDE decided to make it even better with a convenient firmware update that
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 01/25/2019
People have been controlling instruments long before there was even electricity. There were mechanical instruments from the 1800s, player pianos and orchestrions from the early 1900s, and the earliest synthesizers dated back to the first half of the 20th Century. By 1950, visionaries like Dr. Robert Moog and Don Buchla had created instruments that captured the hearts and minds of musicians and artists everywhere. The synthesizer market began to flourish with the advent of affordable instruments from a variety of manufacturers, including ARP,
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 11/15/2018
So, you got a friend. Maybe a niece, nephew, or kid of your own. Perhaps a grandchild, and you want your gifts to feel more relevant than the usual newspaper clipping and check for fifty bucks. And what’s this—your little buddy is making videos now? On YouTube? From the videos, it looks like they’ve got the video and lighting figured out, but maybe they could some help in the audio department. If that’s the case, you can easily swoop in—cool friend or parental figure that you are—and get them something both useful and cool, something that’ll
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 11/15/2018
Podcasts. Still strong in the boom phase, it’s a good time to get in while the getting is good, and you’ll want to do whatever you can to make your podcast stand out. But here’s the thing: different types of podcasts require different ways of working. So, we here at B&H thought we’d give you a five-tip primer to get you inspired. Be sure you check out the last one—it’s the most important tip by far. Tips for a Two-Way A two-way is a show that typically involves one host and one guest. Pieces of gear I’d recommend for such an interview