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Rupert Neve is so venerated in the world of audio gear that his name rings out two times over: Say the name “Neve,” and you immediately conjure the mojo of vintage 1970s sound in all its glory; say “Rupert Neve Designs,” and you summon an image of striking modernity—of the most transparent, yet versatile tones in today’s hardware marketplace. With new offerings in the Rupert Neve Designs family, this titan of the pro audio industry is bridging the gap between his vintage flair and his modern adaptability. First on the docket is the
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In 1969, one man developed a diode-bridge compressor for a television station’s mixing console—and wound up changing the world of audio, giving us a much-loved unit that added weight, density, and punch on countless hits since. In 2019, one company takes this design and amps it up for our new millennium. That’s right—Heritage Audio is releasing its HA-609A Dual-Channel Bus Compressor and Limiter, and, unlike other
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From recording to mixing to mastering, signal processing is an important part of music production. Compression has proved to be irreplaceable for catching peaks, squashing tracks, tweaking balance, and much more, while equalizers and summing mixers are unforgettable for their tone-impacting capabilities. For the NAMM 2019 show, Heritage Audio released two new pieces of analog hardware goodness. The Successor is a stereo bus
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The name Weiss should spark excitement in the minds of audio engineers around the world. For more than two decades, the Weiss DS1 hardware processor has been synonymous with premium compression, limiting, and de-essing for mastering. The only problem? The $10,000 price. Thanks to Softube, the inimitable quality and versatility of the DS1-MK3 (the DS1's third iteration) is now available in plug-in form! Going beyond emulation, Softube painstakingly ported each line of code from the DS1-MK3 to create a true recreation officially licensed and
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It's NAMM 2018, and someone is saying, "Let me hear that bass and put it in my face." Well, it's easy with some of the new stompboxes we are seeing for bass instruments from Ampeg. At B&H, we checked out the LIQUIFIER Analog Chorus and the OPTO COMP Analog Optical Compressor. The LIQUIFIER features a dual-chorus circuit
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Black Lion Audio, the acclaimed company on a mission to develop superior-quality, boutique audio equipment boldly, is gracing us with three new offerings at NAMM 2018, including the Seventeen compressor, Auteur Quad mic preamps, and
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Like other offerings available in the 500 Series format, there is a wealth of compressors to select in this increasingly popular form factor. Ranging from unique and original designs to emulations and clones of some of the most classic compressors heard on countless albums and songs, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the choice. This piece will highlight some standouts. Chandler’s Little Devil has become a go to for many engineers since its