Cine Lens Accessories

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 06/30/2022
Introducing DZOFILM’s Marlin 1.6x Expander Series, allowing you to use your Super35 PL lenses with various full-frame cameras no matter the mount type. Included with this launch are five different adapter types: PL Lens to PL-Mount Camera, PL Lens to LPL-Mount Camera,
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 07/16/2018
Of all the lens choices out there, which are the best fit for your RED camera? One answer is found right in RED's full name: "RED Digital Cinema." Here we present a select list of cine-style lenses for the RED RAVEN or SCARLET-W, with an eye on affordability, corresponding to these cameras' entry
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 01/29/2018
The Celere HS line of full-frame Cine Lenses has been gaining in popularity since it was first introduced late in 2015, when the 25,
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 03/27/2017
When contemplating the array of available cine-style lens accessories, you may ask yourself where to best spend your hard-earned cash—or really, where to swipe that card or insert that chip! Let’s look at the multiple options available so you can determine which accessories will prove to be the most useful for your projects. First and foremost, Lens Mount Adapters can be used to fit one style of cinema lenses to a differently mounted camera, enabling