carbon fiber

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted 04/18/2023
SmallRig has released some exciting new products for the camera-accessory-connoisseur: the FreeBlazer Tripod System and F60 Modular Follow Focus. The FreeBlazer is now SmallRig's heaviest duty tripod system, boasting a durable carbon fiber tripod and a fluid video head to match. The F60 and its corresponding accessories allow you to attach a precise follow focus system
43,291 Views ·Posted 11/23/2015
In this video, Rob Rives shows us the RØDE VideoMicro, a compact camera-mountable microphone that features a cardioid condenser capsule for capturing pro-quality recordings. Highly portable, and great indoors or outdoors, the mic is powered by plug-in power from your camera, and it comes with a 3.5mm coiled connection cable, Rycote shockmount and furry windshield. It’s an ideal choice for ENG, wedding videos, film, and much more. We hope you enjoy the video, and invite
4,497 Views ·Posted 11/23/2015
In the following video, John McQuiston introduces us to the Vanguard VEO CM-264, a versatile carbon fiber monopod that can help support your camera—or you—during a hike. The monopod’s construction makes it sturdy yet light, with a weight of just 1 lb and a load capacity of 13.2 lb, for most DSLR and lens combinations. Also, McQuiston walks us through features of the four-section leg, with flip locks for adjusting from the maximum height of 63
705 Views ·Posted 06/11/2014
In the following video, Mia McCormick, from Kelby Media, explores the new E-Image line of tripods distributed by ikan. Breaking down the options into fluid heads and legs, this video showcases the differences between some of the different models and combinations available. McCormick also discusses the E-Image monopod, and accessories such as the half-ball adapter that allows you to use flat base video heads