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by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 06/23/2021
For years, JOBY has been creating a line of odd-looking but creatively functional tripods like its GorillaPods, which allow photographers to mount their cameras (and smartphones) in places where normal tripods and supports dare not attempt. It is with this history of innovative camera supports that JOBY is entering
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 06/01/2021
If someone were to ask me what is the fastest, easiest, and most effective way of instantly improving their photography, my answer would be: a tripod. In the quest to make better photographs, we often dream of owning the latest camera body or the most expensive lenses. For many of us, these remain out of reach and impractical. A quality tripod, however, can be had for less than the price of a New York City dinner for two (with drinks) and, because of that, I
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 12/04/2020
Before heading out on assignment, I make a mental checklist of the gear I will be needing, and camera supports are always on that list. Depending on where and what I plan to photograph, I might take a mid- or full-size tripod and be done with it. If I anticipate taking low-angle photographs, I will also pack along a tabletop-size tripod and, for ground-level shooting, one of my Platypods. Truth is, if I have the space, I take all three options, because if I leave any of these options behind, I know I will need it when I get where I’m going
by Allan Weitz ·Posted 06/26/2020
Prior to reviewing the Robus RTH-1050 Ball Head, I was familiar with the Robus name but had zero hands-on experience with its products. After spending a few days with an RTH-1050 Ball Head mounted on a Robus RC-5570 Vantage Series 3 Carbon Fiber tripod, I can tell you I’m not only familiar with Robus products—I’m also liking them. The
5,422 Views ·Posted 09/14/2011
The Manfrotto 290 series has features that professionals demand and helps enthusiasts take their creativity to the next level.
837 Views ·Posted 04/06/2011
In this podcast, we take a look at the Oben AC 1300 and 1400 Aluminum Tripod series, ideal for Students, Hobbyists, and first time users.