Camera Peripherals

by Mary Latvis ·Posted
Add an intriguing look of classic glamour or nitty-gritty drama to your footage using ARRI’s new Impression V Filters for Signature Prime and Zoom lenses. Unlike traditional, front-mount diopters (close-focus filters), the Impression V filters alter the character of background highlights, creating customized, detuned looks with decided emotional characteristics. These magnetic rear-mount filters are divided into positive and negative lines, with each available in a series of four
by Nick Walsh ·Posted
As a live producer, I'm always on the lookout for the latest and greatest tools to help me bring my visions to life. When it comes to livestreaming, the LiveU Solo Pro SDI/HDMI 4K Video/Audio Encoder is the reigning champ in the encoder world. LiveU technology is used by many news organizations around the world. The Solo portable encoder is routed in the pioneering technology that has made LiveU the go-to for live transmission. The