Camera Mounts

by Tim Ireland ·Posted
Macro photography allows photographers to explore the intricate details of subjects at a 1:1 or greater magnification ratio. However, capturing sharp, stable, and well-lit macro shots can be challenging, due to factors like camera shake, focusing difficulties, and lighting issues. This comprehensive guide will delve into the support systems and related tools that can enhance your macro photography experience, addressing specific challenges that may arise. Stabilization Tools Studio Stands: Studio stands are large, stable support systems
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Achieve a variety of complex, angled shots, or time-lapse videos by using Syrp's latest Tilt Platform for the Genie II Linear control platform and Magic Carpet sliders. When the Tilt Platform is paired with the Genie II Linear or propels along the tracks of
by Mary Latvis ·Posted
Have you ever wondered: “how did they get that shot, where was the camera attached?” Or how did the cameraperson squeeze, strap, or balance themselves into that position? B&H offers a wide range of options for mounting your video camera for vehicle-based shots, raising your camera above the fray, and otherwise mounting your camera in innovative ways. A staple of many police procedurals is the shot of the characters riding in the squad car, whether it be the cynical detective and the raring-to-go rookie, or a reveal of the jittery perp in