Camera Accessories

0 Views ·Posted 12/02/2021
We're looking at the Manfrotto MOVE System again, specifically the Manfrotto MVG300XM Modular Gimbal, FAST GimBoom, and Gim-Pod Accesssory Leg Set. Manfrotto MVG300XM Modular Gimbal was created with videographers, filmmakers, and independent content creators in mind. It has a load capacity of 7.5 lb, 10-hour usage time, handle for filming at different angles, LCD touchscreen, and more.
by Patrick Chiang ·Posted 05/18/2020
Everyone dreads the feeling of having misplaced or forgotten something, especially when you’re already at your destination. BlackRapid lanyards can help ensure that whatever’s important stays close to you. Its standard lanyard measures 35" and features an adjustable neck strap with a hook-and-go attachment, which can be used for badges, smartphone cases, and more. Users who want a bit more breathing room can check out
by Shawn C. Steiner ·Posted 04/09/2018
Adventurers, birders, and landscape photographers who need a premium bag to carry serious camera equipment, as well as their essential outdoor gear, may be plenty satisfied with the array of features and space available in Gitzo's Adventury series of premium backpacks. Available in 30L and 45L sizes, this