Camcorder & Camera Peripherals

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Event photographers, videographers, and ENG shooters will be pleased with Sony's newest product: the Portable Data Transmitter. The unit boasts high-speed, low-latency communication with cloud storage over LTE and 5G frequency bands. Sports photographers and run-and-gun teams can easily transfer files up to UHD 4K to their workstation for efficient editing workflow.
by Bruno Derlin ·Posted
Hollyland just unveiled its new Pyro H wireless video transmission system, a low-latency, HDMI-only solution with dual-band support that can stably transmit 4K30 video up to 1300'—depending on the number of receivers. Hollyland Pyro H Wireless Video Transmission System The Pyro H marks Hollyland’s first foray
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It's here: a new cinema camera release from RED. Introducing the V-RAPTOR [X] and V-RAPTOR XL [X] cinema cameras, which combine the frame rates, low-light performance, and 8K resolution of the V-RAPTOR line with the global
by Mary Latvis ·Posted
Add advanced wireless video to your image capture using DJI’s latest cinema-grade video transmission components. This handy production tool’s latest options include an individual Wireless Video Receiver and a Transmission Standard TX/RX Combo kit that comes with one