Broadcast Headsets

by Robert Rives ·Posted
Sennheiser is rolling into NAB 2024 with some exciting new offerings, including a new MKH microphone and updates to its popular lineup of broadcast headsets. MKH 8030 The MKH lineup of microphones includes high performing, industry standards like the 416, the 50, and recently the 8000 modular series, which features compact, timbrally identical small-diaphragm condenser mic capsules with different polar patterns. The capsules deliver the detailed, professional-quality audio capture
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted
Audio-Technica has long been well known as a maker of fine headphones and microphones. It stands to reason that the company would combine its expertise in those two areas to create broadcast headsets that are well suited for news, sports, and theater production. While the infographic below shows the differences between them, shop confidently knowing that all six variants boast a strong common bond. All of them are based upon the