Black & White Photography

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During this lecture, Sony Artisan of Imagery Thibault Roland discusses the finer points of black-and-white photography. He illustrates how important it is to visualize and build an image, as well as how your overall photography work (including color) can benefit from the rigorous process of creating in black-and-white. 0:00 - Introduction 3:39 - Why Black-and-White? 6:16 - Less is More with Black-and-White 20:52 - What is Your Vision? 26:35 - How to Create with Black-and-White? 35:30 - Editing Black-and-White Images 46:54 - Final Thoughts 48:
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Lee Miller may have been best known in life as a beautiful muse of the legendary Surrealist Man Ray yet, shortly after her passing, a lucky accident led her family to an attic treasure trove, which made her a photography legend in her own right. During this week’s podcast, we unpack the details of this extraordinary tale and hear many other anecdotes from Miller’s adventurous life in a chat with her son and biographer, Antony Penrose. From her swift ascent as a ’20s-era Vogue fashion model—and the ad campaign that sidelined her appeal—to her
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Sony Alpha Ambassador Mahesh Thapa shares some crucial tips to help improve your photography. Thapa goes over his best tips for composition, camera settings, and black-and-white photography. 0:00 - Introduction 3:28 - Composition Tips 18:20 - Camera Setting Tips 24:38 - Accessory Tips 35:25 - Black-and-White Tips 44:17 - Final thoughts / Q&A Did you find these tips helpful? Share your own in the Comments section, below. Sponsored by
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1950s America proved fertile ground for photographers Robert Frank and Todd Webb, who both received Guggenheim Foundation grants to traverse the country in 1955 and record their respective visions. While Frank’s resulting book, The Americans, eventually made him a legend, Webb’s photographs remained unpublished, and were all but lost to history due to a 1970s-era business deal gone bad. The saga of Webb’s unaccounted-for archive and its eventual recovery is one of the juicier tidbits from today’s show, which focuses on the long-awaited
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Bruce Gilden is a street-photography icon. With summer in full swing and International Street Photography Day (otherwise known as Henry Cartier-Bresson’s birthday) looming on the horizon, what better time to feature a lively chat with the master himself, recorded at B&H’s 2023 Depth of Field Conference, just before the Magnum photographer’s keynote lecture. Gilden’s emotionally fraught depictions of real people up close are an
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What makes black-and-white images special? What types of subjects can you photograph? Sony Artisan of Imagery and fine art photographer Thibault Roland shares five tips for beginner black-and-white photographers. 0:00 - Introduction 0:19 - Tip 1 0:36 - Tip 2 0:49 - Tip 3 1:00 - Tip 4 1:39 - Tip 5 For more from Thibault Roland, join him for a livestream about The Art of Black-and-White Photography, this Thursday, July 20th at 3:00PM EST, on the B&H Event Space page.
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If you're a beginner photographer who would to increase your skill levels, Sony Ambassador Mahesh Thapa offers 10 essential tips that will improve your photography game! In this video, you’ll learn to compose photos, get tack-sharp images, and other helpful techniques. While Thapa’s tips can be applied to any genre of photography, nature and landscape photographers will get the most out of this webinar. 0:00 - Introduction 0:47 - Disclosures 3:00 - In this Seminar 3:52 - Composition Tips 18:36 - Tips for Camera Settings 25:03 - Accessories 35
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Dominique Hammer specializes in black-and-white photography. In this presentation he shares his experience, knowledge, and recommendations to help you improve your photography. 0:00 - Introduction 1:29 - Train Your Eyesight 7:40 - Analyzing the First Photo 12:56 - How to Analyze Photography 20:32 - How to Prepare a Fashion Shoot 28:29 - Analyzing the Fashion Shoot Photo 34:22 - How to Find the Essentials 42:49 - Things that Helped the Most 49:10 - Analyzing the Final Photo 50:46 - Gear Used 51:20 - Final Thoughts
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Street photographer Hugh Brownstone shares his tips for shooting black-and-white photos with your digital camera. Whether you're making portraits, cityscapes, or architectural photos, these techniques will help you get started! 0:00 - Introduction 0:18 - Use Technology 0:44 - How to Expose 1:28 - Capture in Color 1:48 - Think of the Edit 2:14 - Where to Be Did you find these tips helpful? Let us know in the Comments section, below. 
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“How do you make pictures about a person who doesn't exist anymore?” This was the fundamental question facing Jessica Hines while sorting through a box of her brother Gary’s letters, photographs, and other objects from his military service in Vietnam some 35 years after his return—25 years after his life ended in a battle with post-traumatic stress. Photographs © Jessica Hines
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Join George Tice as he discusses his photography career, from its beginnings to his various photography assignments through the years. What has most inspired you about George Tice’s career? Join us in conversation in the Comments section, below!  
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Join us for a B&H livestream event: "The City That Finally Sleeps: An Interview with Mark Seliger in Partnership with Sony." Mon, 07/19/2021 - 23:00 Add to Calendar 2021-07-19 23:00:00 2021-07-19 23:00:00 The City That Finally Sleeps: An Interview with Mark Seliger in Partnership with Sony In the grips of the COVID-19 lockdown, New York City transformed from a city known for its unrelenting energy to a ghostly display of architectural splendor
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Photographers are formed through myriad forces—formal schooling, technical mastery, or an empathetic connection to the people around them being just a few. This latter circumstance fueled the vision of photographer Clemens Kalischer and was likely seeded by a profound awareness of human nature he picked up as a child, observing his father at work. Sometimes referred to as the invisible photographer, Kalischer possessed great empathy and a deep interest in the human condition. “He spent so much time with people when he photographed them, he was
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This is the second episode of the B&H Photography Podcast produced with the collaboration of Leica Camera, and we are pleased to welcome photographer Stella Johnson to the show. It is the “in-between moments of life” that Johnson describes as the subject of her work, work that includes books and documentary
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How much do you know about film photography? We dug deep into the past to find these seven pointers for you. Test your knowledge against our film tips, tricks, and lore. 1. Don’t Shake Your Polaroid Pictures Contrary to the message conveyed in the Outkast song “Hey Ya” (company policy prevents us from linking to it on YouTube), you shouldn’t shake your Polaroid pictures. Besides the fact