Bird Photography

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If you already have experience with bird photography but feel you aren’t taking excellent photos, Isaac Grant is here to help. In this video, Grant shares his techniques for creating engaging, beautiful, and impactful bird photos. 0:00 - Introduction 0:57 - Agenda 2:33 - About Grant & Gear 5:11 - The Basics 5:47 - Learn the Birds 8:56 - How to Turn a Good Photo into a Great Photo 13:17 - The ABCs 13:45 - Angle 19:47 - Background 25:19 - Composition 31:10 - Perch 36:09 - Quality 41:14 - X-Factor 48:19 - More from Grant 48:44 - Q&A 1:08
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When you head out into the wilderness armed with a pro camera and big telephoto lens to tackle some awesome wildlife, landscape, and bird photography, you had best be sure to have the right accessories for your adventures! Let’s take a look at the best accessories for wildlife photography because—trust me—you don’t want to be the only photographer out there without a cool camouflage lens cover! Tripods I’ve said it before and I am saying it again:
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In this video, OM SYSTEM Ambassador Emilie Talpin tells us about her journey into the world of bird photography. She shares her favorite images and bird stories, as well as a few tips and techniques to make your work stand out. 0:00 - Introduction 3:08 - Talpin’s Background 9:23 - The Gear You Need to Get Started with Bird Photography 19:34 - Practice in the Field and Educating Yourself 23:54 - Composing a Bird Photography
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When it comes to bird and wildlife photography, the one word you need to know is: telephoto! If you've ever tried to approach birds or wild animals (not too close, please!) you've likely noticed they usually don't take kindly to humans and fly or scamper off before you get close enough for a photograph. The magic of the telephoto lens allows you to get "up close" without getting… up close. For birding and wildlife, getting closer usually means using lenses with a minimum 300mm focal length. We've all seen spectacular wildlife images by top
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Arthur Morris has been photographing birds for more than 39 years with Canon, Nikon, and Sony gear. Morris shares his tips on how to capture the best photos of Brown Pelicans, in San Diego, California. He explains the different behaviors of pelicans, how to get the right angle, and how to get creative with your shots. 0:00 - Introduction 3:38 - Brown Pelicans in San Diego, CA 11:18 - Working with Angles and Creating Backgrounds 13:53 - Nesting Cliff 16:13 - In-Flight Images and Optimizing Your Images 18:52 - Pelican Cliff and Brandt's
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Arthur Morris has been photographing bald eagles in Homer, Alaska, for more than two decades with Canon, Nikon, and Sony gear. Morris shares some tips on capturing in-flight photos, camera settings, and more. 0:00 - Introduction 5:32 - The Story of Homer, Alaska, and its Eagles 9:05 - Using a Film Camera 11:22 - Other Bird Photos 12:19 - Photographing from a Boat 17:47 - Using Wind in Your Favor While Photographing Eagles 20:23 - Photographing Eagles at Sunrise 21:38 - Motion Blur 24:36 - Photographing with Canon and Nikon 27:36 -
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Bird photography has upgraded thanks to mirrorless cameras like the Canon EOS R7. Join Kathy Adams Clark as she talks about basic camera settings and what behavior to look for when your goal is to capture the best image. 0:00 - Introduction 1:20 - Clark's Introduction 4:52 - Camera Options 6:58 - Light Meter in Camera 11:05 - The Differences in F-Stops 13:49 - Shutter Speed 18:37 - ISO 21:47 - Resolution and Format 23:34 - Camera Settings 27:
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Bob Davis is a professional wedding photographer with a penchant for wildlife photography. Watch as Davis discusses the camera settings needed to capture a photo at the right moment. He also explains how high ISO will not always cause high grain in your images if your exposure is right. 0:00 - Introduction 2:33 - About Bob Davis 6:07 - Consistency and Versatility 12:06 - Wildlife Camera Settings and ISO (Cheetah Photos) 18:39 - Usage of ISO (Bear Photos) 25:53 - Remote Camera Setup 31:31 - Camera Focus Settings (Bird Photos) 37:13 - How to
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Want tack-sharp wildlife photos or an easier way to hold your telephoto lens? Whether you're photographing birds or bears, gimbal heads are a great accessory to level up your photography game and your game photography. In this tutorial, Matt Zefi shows you how to balance a gimbal head, and demonstrates its use in the field. Do you use a gimbal head to level your wildlife photos? Have you never used one and are
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OM SYSTEM Ambassador Emilie Talpin is in the field and shares five tips for improving your photographs of birds, including where to focus your lens, what gear you should use, and more.  0:00 - Introduction 0:22 - Identify Your Subject 1:47 - Connect with Your Subject 4:34 - Be Ready 6:35 – Early Bird Catches the Worm 7:54 - Tell Your Story 9:51 - Final Thoughts
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In flight or in a fight, Matt Kloskowski has photographed birds in many different scenarios. Learn how he achieves beautiful bird photos, from camera settings to gear, in this OPTIC seminar. 0:00 - Introduction 1:19 - Embrace the Chaos 8:42 - About Matt 9:49 - In This Presentation 11:14 - Exposure Overview (Aperture, Shutter Speed, & ISO) 22:19 - Autofocus 32:07 - Light, Background, & Action 42:11 - Gear 45:44 - Brief Editing Tips 47:16 - More Courses from Matt 47:49 - Q&A Ready to photograph birds on your own? Let us know in the
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Ask a roomful of birders their favorite season and you probably won’t hear many praises of winter. As temperatures drop, the appeal of venturing outdoors for extended periods of time diminishes for all but the most dedicated photographers and birdwatchers. However, winter provides unique benefits for the bold and bundled. Leafless trees make for easier spotting and white snowy environments make for beautiful settings for photographs. Best of all, winter welcomes its own seasonal lineup of characters, if you know where to look. This article
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Wildlife photographer and Nikon Ambassador Kristi Odom provides some insight on how she approaches bird photography, hopefully helping you elevate your own bird photos beyond the typical portrait. Are birds your main subject? How do you approach bird photography? Let us know in the Comments section!
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Join David Wilder in the Canadian Rockies as he shares five tips for respectful wildlife photography! Should you use a fixed telephoto lens or a zoom telephoto lens? Do you need a guide? What should you research beforehand? How do you camouflage yourself? What kind of photography accessories do you need for stable photos? What wildlife photo gear do you use? Share your thoughts or ask us questions in the Comments section, below.
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Photographer Olga Torrey shares her tips on finding wildlife to photograph, opening your eyes to the possibilities—from birds to rabbits—in New York City! Of all the locations that wouldn’t occur to most of us, where would you shoot photos of wildlife? Tell us in the Comments section!