Battery Chargers

by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 07/01/2022
Adding even more power with longer run times is essential to your mobile production, and Anton Bauer is always stepping up its product lines to meet the challenge. Today’s release of the DIONIC line of 26V B-Mount Plus lithium-ion batteries and charger delivers maximum efficiency to power-hungry compact cinema cameras, such as the ARRI 35, or to professional lighting fixtures. The new DIONIC B-
by Mary Latvis ·Posted 06/09/2022
Smart, versatile, and fast—Anton Bauer has upped the block-battery game with the release of its new VCLX NM2 14.4/28/48V cine-style battery. With intelligent management functions, simultaneous 28 and 14.4V or 48 and 14.4 V outputs, and an industry-leading, five-hour charging time, the VCLX NM2 is ready to meet the power needs of a variety of pro video and cine-style cameras and gear. The
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 04/21/2022
Hold onto your hats! B&H is excited to announce that CoreSWX has released a whole lot of power in a new wave of professional batteries and chargers, including Base, V-mount, Gold mount, and now B-mount models. The new models cover PowerBase EDGE, Helix9max, and Atomos AtomX battery product lines and Cube Plus, Mach4, and Helix charger product lines that will charge up your entire production day. PowerBase EDGE Batteries First up is an update
by William Min ·Posted 12/01/2021
Quick question: How much battery life do you have left on your smartphone right now? Did that make you break out into a cold sweat? Low-battery anxiety is real, and it affects travelers the most. Well, HYPER is here to keep you from seeing red (a.k.a. less than 20%), as well as that dreaded low-battery notification, with the HyperJuice 245W GaN USB Type-C Charging Station and the
by Jennifer Hahn ·Posted 09/08/2020
Anton Bauer has just announced the release of several new products to keep your production equipment powered while you're on the go and under pressure, including the GO 90 98Wh lithium-ion batteries in Gold mount and V-mount versions, the
by Robert Rives ·Posted 03/17/2020
The NAB show may have been canceled, but there is still a host of exciting and innovative new broadcast-centric audio gear being released this year, including the new IFBR1B Bodypack IFB Receiver from Lectrosonics. IFB systems are used for monitoring, talent cueing, and crew communication in broadcast work, and the company is hailing this new model as the “tiny IFB receiver that everyone has been asking for.” At a height
by Todd Vorenkamp ·Posted 02/11/2020
I never fancied myself a passionate lover of a battery charger. That is, until I tried the Nitecore FX1 Dual-Slot USB Travel Charger for FUJIFILM NP-W126 & NP-W126S Batteries. Am I kidding you? No. Seriously, I really, really like, maybe love, this camera battery charger. Why and how did this charger win my heart? Four words: It is freaking cool! Battery chargers usually come with a new camera except for some USB-charging only cameras.
by Staff Writer ·Posted 08/28/2019
RØDE has made some exciting in-roads into wireless microphones, and with that come new, vital accessories. Enter the RS-1, a recharge station for the TX-M2 wireless mic and LB-1 battery. This recharge station can restore the charge
by Steven Gladstone ·Posted 11/22/2017
The Core SWX Fleet Micro battery charger is named so, not because it’s particularly fast at charging (although it is), but because it is ready to charge and maximize your personal fleet of professional V-mount or Gold-mount batteries. Perspective In the 1980s, I had an old Cine 60 battery belt. It had a 4-pin XLR output, used NiCd cells, and had a built-in overnight charger. My cat used to sleep in it when it was charging during the winter because it was the warmest place in the house. Battery cell technology has come a long way since then,