A/V Components

by Ronald Francis ·Posted
Elmo’s range of document cameras and visual presenters includes different sizes and designs for every professional, whether for the classroom or boardroom. Popular models include the on-the-go MO-2 Stem Cam, which folds down to about the size of an envelope. It features a 1080p HD camera that can be used as a standard video or photo camera, webcam, or document scanner, while its 16x zoom lets you magnify objects from as close as 3.9" away. The
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
Yamaha and Revolabs recently teamed up in perpetuity, and together, they’ve produced CS-700 Video Conferencing System. This all-in-one collaboration tool has been built to give your conference room the best possible performance when it comes to video, audio, and even screen-sharing. In one wall-mounted solution, the CS-700 addresses all communication and collaboration needs found in the common conference room, accomplishing
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted
If you’re crewing up for a location shoot, or find yourself in some other situation where 2-way communication amongst multiple people is a must, then Listen Technologies has some handy solutions for you. Take note, for instance, of their LKS-2 Base 8 System; this kit bundles together a single-eared headset for the team leader, eight transceivers with ear speakers (useful for team members and coordinators alike), and a
by Rich R ·Posted
With summer on the way, keeping cool is our number one priority. This is as true for our electronics as it is for ourselves; and AC Infinity products are here to keep your A/V components running at their optimal temperature, even if you’re not. The AIRCOM series is designed for cooling individual components, such as an A/V receiver or DVR. It features a rear-exhaust model, the T8, which moves up to 160 CFM of air with a 24 dBA noise level; and a top-