Audio Monitors

by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 02/05/2019
One of the most legendary, yet humble, studio monitors is the NS-10. Though NS-10s have been out of production for many years, they remain desired for their ability to reveal mix translation problems. When Avantone Pro released the CLA-10, in June of 2018, the audio world went wild for the passive monitors. Being passive, they required a separate power amp, and that left many engineers and musicians hoping for an active version. Well, it’s NAMM 2019, and Avantone Pro has made that wish come true with the
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 09/16/2022
No matter what area of audio production you work in, you’re constantly listening. Loud and proud or whisper quiet, through headphones or speakers, in your studio or on the road, you’re constantly listening. And naturally, you need to hear your productions through various transducers to accurately assess how they translate. What you don’t want is to be relegated to a life of vibe-killing, time-wasting repatching—you know, power-down those speakers, unplug them, plug in the other speakers, power them on, etc.—or adjust your DAW’s master fader to