Audio Engineering

by Trevor Collins ·Posted
Built in partnership with Merging Technologies, the Neumann MT 48 Audio Interface is a new 12x12 USB-C audio interface aimed squarely at professional musicians, engineers, and producers, ensuring pristine sound quality throughout your entire signal chain. This sleek, new interface is purposely built to get the absolute most out of your Neumann gear, from microphones to monitors and headphones, thanks to its specially designed A/D converters
by Jason T ·Posted
If you’ve found your way to this article, you’re probably feeling pretty frustrated and confused right now. Ten minutes ago, you were in your home studio with an incredible-sounding mix, and now you’re in the car listening to the same track, only it sounds like an atrocious flabby mess. Did I copy over the wrong file? Is my car stereo broken? If you can confidently answer “no” to these questions, then congratulations. I am pleased to inform you of an