Audio Conferencing Systems

by Jordan Gallant ·Posted
Designed for your conference room, lecture hall, or training space, the Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System delivers reliable wireless audio in a wide variety of spaces. The new system features a streamlined configuration for easy integration. Shure MXW neXt 2 Wireless Microphone System An all-in-one base unit combines the functionality of an access point transceiver, charger, and IntelliMix DSP into a single device for stand-alone or networked use. The automatic frequency management allows for set up right out of the box.
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted
Whether it’s pre-show setup or mission-critical “go live” time, professional production personnel rely on rock-solid communication systems. All the behind-the-scenes magicians—lighting techs, camera ops, personal assistants, directors, and more—can’t work their wonders if they can’t coordinate quickly and accurately. With that in mind, the Hollyland Solidcom M1 offers a complete and versatile coms package
by Robert Rives ·Posted
With virtual meetings in Zoom, Skype, and Facebook now an everyday fact of life, Saramonic is helping you meet the challenge and up your game with these two new additions—now with lighting solutions—to its Home Base lineup of A/V accessories. The Home Base Personal Video Conferencing Kit Plus and the Home Base
by Staff Writer ·Posted
If there is any genre of corporate office equipment where designers were given free reign, it is in the design of conference room speaker phones. I used to think that their space-ship-inspired designs were cool but, over the years, the look has waned on me. I still appreciate that the functionality of the units may have necessitated that they look like atmospheric landers from the planet Vulcan but, isn’t there something out there that better complements the modern office visually and technologically, and performs superbly? Yes. Check out the