Analog Synthesizers

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Gabriel Richards demos the re-released, retro, and legendary Moog synthesizer, the Minimoog Model D! This updated version maintains the exact sound engine as the original but with some additions, including analog LFO and Filter Contour as modulation sources, a Fatar TP-9 keybed with velocity and aftertouch, CV outputs for Pitch, Aftertouch, Velocity, and Gate, an external Modulation CV input, MIDI In, Out, and Thru, and improved circuit-board connectors for touring reliability. 0:00 - Introductory jam 1:
by Robert Rives ·Posted 12/16/2022
Synthesizer designs in the 21st century have returned to hands-on control knobs for immediate, tactile sound sculpting, but when you switch between stored patches, the knobs don't accurately reflect the settings. This mismatch can lead to sudden, abrupt changes in the sound—like that time your dramatic live filter sweep accidentally began with the frequency knob maxed out. Well, all that is set to change with the introduction of the
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 11/27/2020
Despite the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, synthesizer manufacturers have been churning out some magnificent instruments with a wide pallet of sonic inspirations. This buying guide features 2020’s best offerings. From the top of the line to the basic budget, you will find something for everyone. Arturia Arturia turned some heads years ago with its release of the classic MatrixBrute. This year, the company upped the ante with
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 10/29/2020
Leave it to Moog to make esoteric electronic musical instruments that are bound to intrigue anyone from the synth-curious musician to the avid collector. The company's latest releases feature the limited-run return of the Werkstatt-01 analog synth kit and the Claravox Centennial premium performance theremin, available in standard
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 09/24/2020
Over the last couple of years, Moog’s Grandmother and Matriarch semi-modular analog synthesizers have earned themselves a special spot in the hearts of collectors, enthusiasts, modular synth fanatics, and beginners. That’s why Moog decided to launch them in a special “Dark Series” design aesthetic that matches other popular Moog semi-modular synths, including the DFAM, Mother-32, and Subharmonicon. As a nod to gigging musicians, Moog has also released water-resistant, padded, semi-
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 05/18/2020
Building upon the success of the classic Jupiter series, Roland’s latest flagship synthesizer provides a sound and feature set designed for today’s music producers, sound designers, and performing musicians. Harnessing Roland’s ZEN-Core advanced synthesis engine, the Jupiter-X can generate a stunning array of tones and sounds, from classic analog and vintage digital to modern synthesis sounds. You'll find the sounds of the Jupiter
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 02/04/2020
The Vocoder is such a classic sound that many renowned software companies try their darnedest to recreate this one-of-a-kind effect digitally. However, for some discerning ears, only the original will suffice; now, these discerning ears can purchase the original unit: The Moog 16 Channel Vocoder is risen anew, for all those who love the workflow and authenticity of the original, as well as its timbre.
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 01/17/2020
Bitwig Studio 16-Track is your gateway into the fascinating world of Bitwig, an innovative music creation and performance software that allows you to arrange in the timeline, perform from the clip Launcher, and transform your ideas throughout each stage of production. Bitwig is a native class-platform DAW that is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. It’s modular device structure provides advanced nesting and routing, allowing you to modulate any device program-wide. And with unlimited VST and VST3 support, you can be as creative as your
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/17/2020
Waves has an exciting new product out for vocal performers and music producers of every stripe. It’s called OVox Vocal ReSynthesis, and it works on both vocals and instruments to transform the mundane into the spectacular! Add vocoder and talk-box effects to your voice, or place the processor on any instrument to create cool, synth-like, gating effects. With multiple sounds and multiple kinds of modulation, the software will allow you to achieve an esoteric, wholly individual sound. The synth has been optimized for real-time performance, and
by Phillip Nichol… ·Posted 01/16/2020
Look out, all feeble-sounding synthesizers, as of NAMM 2020, there’s a new synth in town and it’s not messing around. Designed as the successor to the award-winning Sub Phatty, the new Moog Subsequent 25 paraphonic analog synthesizer brings a slew of Subsequent Series features to enhance the sight, sound, and feel without sacrificing the compact form Sub Phatty players love. For starters, the Subsequent 25 still has 25 semi
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In this video, AB demonstrates Arturia’s latest offering, the MicroFreak keyboard, a powerful little addition to any musician’s inventory. Shot on location at Brooklyn’s Brown Note, a live-performance space with a Tsunami Bass System capable of reproducing bass down to 5 Hz, AB explores the functions, controls, and features of the MicroFreak, offering a general overview of the oscillator section, filter manipulation, onboard
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 04/29/2019
Fresh off its introduction at Moogfest 2019, Moog is releasing the Moog Matriarch, a 4-note paraphonic analog synthesizer that’s sure to inspire a whole host of synth-mavens in the coming days, weeks, months, and years. This synth gives you a built-in sequencer, an arpeggiator, stereo ladder filters, and a stereo analog delay circuit. Without any patching, you can fashion lustrous, evolving harmonic progressions using the 49-note
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/24/2019
Yes, yes, yes, it's NAMM 2019 and Arturia has some cool new products for you! We at B&H are going to sell them—but we couldn't do so without a little announcement, a little amuse bouche, if you will, to whet thine insatiable whistle. First, let's examine the MicroFreak, which bills itself as a sort of next-generation MicroBrute for our current epoch. This is a paraphonic synth with digital oscillators, analog filtering, and
by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 02/01/2019
Building upon the success of the legendary Taurus Bass sound engine and in the familiar Minitaur form-factor, Moog has announced its latest creation: Sirin, the Analog Messenger of Joy. The limited-edition instrument features an adjusted frequency range, capable of reaching notes up to D8. Sirin empowers effortless expression through its classic knob-per-function design, compact form, and dedicated software editor. Sirin will
by Nicholas Messitte ·Posted 01/17/2019
Just in time for 2019 NAMM, Korg has some exciting products for you, and we at B&H are happy to carry them. First and foremost, we've got the MILOGUE XD, a culmination of the MINLOGUE, MONOLOGUE, and PROLOGUE in one budget-friendly model. This is a 4-voice polyphonic analog synth, with 2 analog VCOs and a digital Multi-Engine. Poly, Unison, Chord, and ARP/LATCH modes are available, as is a 16-step polyphonic sequencer with step,