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by Andrew Eisele ·Posted 07/16/2020
Novation has always been in the forefront of MIDI controller technology. The first version of the Remote SL promised a supreme command over your chosen DAW, complete with scribble scripts and a smart programming interface, which allowed you to control not only software, but hardware MIDI devices, as well. Novation has been pushing the boundaries of controller technology with its flagship SL MK3 MIDI controller, which adds a boatload of advanced features and functions, but with a premium price tag. So, what’s a struggling musician supposed to
1,430 Views ·Posted 03/24/2014
In the following video, Rob Rives demonstrates the QCon Pro DAW controller from Icon Digital, and how it is capable of streamlining your workflow when tracking and mixing. The video explores the unit's compatibility and functionality with a variety of common DAWS such as Pro Tools, Logic Pro, and Ableton Live, including its mapped controls. Rives discusses how the QCon Pro's eight touch-sensitive, motorized faders can be used to control different
1,803 Views ·Posted 03/06/2014
In this video, Rob Rives shows us around the MOTU 828x, a professional digital audio interface that features a total of 28 inputs and 30 outputs. The unit, which is equipped with bothThunderbolt and USB connections, can be used with 32- or 64-bit Mac or PC systems. The interface is rackmountable and offers eight channels of 192kHz analog recording and playback, combined with 16 channels of ADAT optical digital I/O (8 channels at 96kHz), stereo S/PDIF, MIDI I/O, word clock, two headphone jacks, and stereo XLR main outs.  
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The new Studio model is the largest of NI’s Maschine controllers and ships with the 2.0 version of the software. Featuring pads for playing drums and melodies, sequencing, sampling, effects, and an 8GB library of drum sounds, loops, and instruments.
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In this video we take a look at 4 very portable USB controller keyboards that allow musicians to play music using computer software or iOS apps.
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We’re checking out some inexpensive audio products including microphones, controllers, and interfaces that work with the iPad; some also work with the iPhone and iPod Touch as well.
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More than just keyboards, the Axiom A.I.R. line of controllers feature pads, faders, rotary knobs, buttons, and more. They also use HyperControl technology to automatically map those controls to supported DAWs.
623 Views ·Posted 08/01/2013
More than just keyboards, the Novation Launchkeys offer pads, knobs, faders, buttons, and transport controls while the InControl software automatically maps them to your DAW.
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In this video we take a look at the Launchpad S, see what’s been updated, and check out how it functions as a controller for Ableton Live.
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This ultra-lightweight controller is sensitive in multiple dimensions; making it an expressive controller for DJing, VJing, performing, and more.
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The Fireface UCX continues RME's tradition of top quality performance in a small package. Also, its class compliant mode brings multi-track recording to the iPad.