Sony FX6: Mobile Full-Frame Filmmaking at Its Best




I hav ebeen trying to shoot 85 inch tv screen for LIVE STREAMING  using canon XA 25  but it was unsuccessful. Do you think this camera would do the job 

This camera will be able to give you a beautiful image that will look amazing on an 85 Inch Television.

Wow, this is a very impressive camera. I have a question about the extended frame rate recording. Is it true that you will not be able to record audio when shooting at anything 60p or higher in 4k UHD or DCI? 

That is correct, you will not have audio when filming in the Variable Frame Rate mode that allows you to get 120fps.

Hi, How long can i record intra on the 80gb cf express A cards because the 160gb is a bit much. Also can i record everything on the cf express A

nevermid i found it... 15 minutes on the 80gb.... the recording media is very expensive here huh....

Please give me a good excuse not to trade in my FX9 for an Fx6. 

Hi Dave,

The FX6 definitely changes things with how impressive its feature set is. Arguably, the FX9 still holds on with its more detailed footage, larger body (and therefore more controls/ports), and you may want to consider the ability to crop in a little without giving up 4K resolution. Still, the FX6 is an outstanding value.