Shotti NYC Portrait Series


Looking to add to your portrait photography toolbox? B&H and FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC (@ShottiNYC) are here with a new six-part series dedicated to helping you elevate your skills. Join Shotti NYC in his Bronx-based LR2 Studios to learn a variety of new techniques, including adding color, photographing jewelry on a model, how to tether, and more.

Sculpting Facial Features with Light

Join FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC in his studio as he shares his techniques for capturing and accentuating unique facial structures. You'll learn how to create depth with light and shadow, where to position your lights in relation to your subject, and other useful tips.


Use Props for More Interesting Portraits!

Are you looking for ways to transform your images using ordinary items? We’ve got you covered. In this video, FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC uses objects from around his studio to frame his subject and create a DIY light modifier.


Bold & Contrasting Colors for Portraits

In this video, FUJIFILM X Creator Shotti NYC shows you how to make your portraiture pop by incorporating vibrant and striking color with gels and backdrops.

Photographing Jewelry on a Model

Are you planning to photograph jewelry on a model, but feel intimidated by the shine? FUJIFILM X CREATOR Shotti NYC demonstrates how easy it is to capture these reflective objects while also posing your model.


The Advantages of Tethering in Portraiture

Why should you start tethering your camera to a computer during your portrait shoots? There are a few solid reasons. FUJIFILM X CREATOR Shotti NYC discusses tethering’s advantages, as well as sharing some tips.


Running a Portrait Studio

Ready to learn more about portrait photography? Then keep an eye out for Part 5, the final video of our Portrait Photography Series, which will be released on June 7th, right here on the B&H Photo Video YouTube Channel!


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