5 Tips for RX Elements


With its RX line of plug-ins, iZotope has crafted a suite of modules that can clean up nearly any audio hiccup you might have. Indeed, countless pros in television, film, Web, radio, and podcasting often turn to iZotope RX to remove extraneous noise, to eliminate clicks and pops, to fix bursts of distortion, and more. With RX Elements, iZotope has taken essential processes from this post-production suite and placed them in a wallet-friendly format, one that’s very easy to use. Just how simple is it to get started? Look at these videos to see for yourself. Edited for B&H by iZotope, these tutorials are short in run time but jam-packed with powerful information. Here you’ll find step-by-step tutorials on eliminating room noise, taking out pesky mouth sounds, killing electronic hum, and more.

1. In this video, learn how to use RX 6 Elements to get rid of troublesome noise in phone interviews. Modules featured include De-Click and Voice De-noise.

2. Here, the “learn” function of the Voice De-noise module is on full display. See how it’s used to eliminate the distracting hum of an air conditioner.

3. Sometimes an interview subject distorts the microphone. Have no fear—you can get that right out with the De-clip module. Here’s how:

4. Learn how to use the spectrogram and De-hum to get rid of that nasty ground-loop noise.

5. Nobody likes mouth noises. Luckily, RX 6 Elements has a De-click preset that’s well suited for removing them. This tutorial tells you all about it.