A $3 Thing That Could Save the Day


Exciting? No. Life saving? Yes! The RKRmicro lav clip.Scrunchies. Board game pieces. Teeth. What do these things have in common? They're all small and easy to lose if you're not careful. If you use a lavalier microphone in any capacity (for video work, live sound, business presentations, etc.) then you're already aware that the clips are the easiest thing to lose in the entire universe. Buying replacement lav clips can be expensive, but there is one universally compatible (and very affordable) option that no one should leave home without…

The RKR Micro is a $3 replacement lav mic clip. It’s the ultimate “no-brainer” accessory for anyone who uses lavalier microphones. It doesn't matter if you've got a Sennheiser G3 wireless system or the highest end Lectrosonics kit, the RKR Micro will fit onto your lavalier mic. Instead of clipping onto the microphone itself, the RKR Micro clips onto the microphone cable. That's what makes them universally compatible, and their low price makes them a must-have.



Lav clips are doomed from the get go. They get attached to nervous people who are about to perform, and often get hidden underneath costumes and clothing. They're spring-loaded and easily become airborne projectiles. I personally keep an RKR Micro in every one of my lavalier microphone cases. Even though I haven't lost all of my clips yet, my RKR Micros have me covered in the event that I do. I wish all essential production equipment would only set you back three bucks! What other inexpensive items do you carry in your gear bag that have saved the day for you?