YoloLiv Announces the YoloMax, the Ultimate Livestreaming Machine


Show off custom orders from your Etsy store, unbox your newest tech purchase, or review skincare products, all from one intuitive livestreaming device, with the YoloMax All-in-One Live Streaming Solution from YoloLiv. With a whopping 32" touchscreen, think of the YoloMax as a supersized version of the Instream Vertical Live Streaming Encoder and Monitor, but with a larger surface area and upgraded interface specifically for social media livestreaming.

YoloMax All-in-One Live Streaming Solution
YoloMax All-in-One Live Streaming Solution

Two HDMI inputs and a USB-A input allow you to connect your own camera or PTZ to the YoloMax to capture HD video, or even switch between two separate camera shots for a more professional look. Frame and focus your image properly and then stream to social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram with built-In Wi-Fi and 4G LTE. Other connectivity options include a 3.5mm line in for improved audio and HDMI output to share your video with an additional monitor for preview. An expanded interface allows for text overlays for consistent marketing and easy chroma keying.

While the built-in interface allows for visual edits to your stream, the overall screen area gives you heightened visibility to preview your image or read comments in real time to answer audience questions. Even better, YoloLiv plans on rolling out a built-in teleprompter upgrade, ensuring you remember all your selling points and overall thoughts.

Perfect for the YouTube reviewer, TikTok personality, or entrepreneur, the YoloMax and its large display is optimized for streaming to any social media platform. If you’re interested in reading more about its connectivity and other specifications, feel free to visit the product page on B&H Photo.com!

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