Yamaha Announces GENOS2 Flagship Arranger Keyboard

Yamaha Announces New GENOS2 Flagship Arranger Keyboard

Professional music producers, arrangers, and stage performers have long looked to Yamaha for their vital tools―namely, powerful multi-faceted arranger keyboards, from the old Motif series to the modern GENOS platform. Now, Yamaha is updating its GENOS line to be the foundation upon which all future Yamaha keyboards will be built with the GENOS2, the most comprehensive toolbox Yamaha has ever provided for keyboard players.


Ideal for players who dream of playing their favorite songs, DIY artists who want to write new music, and producers/songwriters seeking to arrange professionally produced tracks, the GENOS2 delivers with top-quality Voice and Style content, as well as unmatched real-time control.

The accompaniment Styles add a “backing band” when you perform for dynamic and professional results. You can customize and personalize your music while maintaining control over chord changes and arrangements. Meanwhile, VH2 vocal harmony engine with synth vocoder enhances your vocal performance by adding up to three virtual background harmony singers, along with pitch correction, vocoder, and other effects for a pro-grade sound.

Super Architecture 2 (SA2) Voices allow the player to achieve realistic, expressive nuances of non-keyboard instruments like flute or guitar, automatically and with the use of physical switches. For Ambient Drum instruments included in GENOS2, samples include close and room mic audio, and the user can adjust the blend between the two for a studio-recording sound.

Of course, you’re not limited by what is included inside GENOS2. Voice and Style expansion packs allow you to customize your arranger keyboard with a wide range of additional content from around the world.

The interface is built for easy, rapid, hands-on control of your productions, whether live or in the studio. Assignable knobs allow you to manipulate various effects and parameters in Voices, Styles, and more in real time. Assignable sliders can be set up to control a wide range of parameters, allowing for quick, on-the-fly changes during your performance or while fine-tuning your arrangement.

With Chord Looper, you can record chord progressions for the Style engine to loop, freeing you up to experiment with two hands or soloing without worrying about playing changes. With the color touch panel, you can see and adjust Voice and Style assignments easily, as well as access a variety of features and settings.

Finally, the back panel includes a combo XLR-1/4" input jack with optional 48V phantom power, allowing you to connect an instrument or microphone without worrying about power requirements. Experience seamless connectivity and hassle-free recordings and performances with this convenient input.

For more information about this new arranger keyboard, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the GENOS2. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.