Warm Audio Releases a Mic Boom Arm and Cables for Studio and Live


It makes sense that Warm Audio, a brand well regarded for creating stellar and somehow affordable microphones and outboard gear, would apply its same successful recipe to the production of accessories for studio and live stage applications. With the release of the WA-MBA mic boom arm and two lines of cables—the Professional Series and the flagship Premier Series, Warm Audio puts upper-echelon quality accessories in a price bracket that welcomes all.

A solid, smooth, and sleek boom arm is undoubtedly an essential part of a pro-level mic setup for podcasters, broadcasters, livestreaming content creators, and radio show hosts and guests. The WA-MBA makes it effortless to put your mic in the perfect spot with its easy-to-reach tension hinges. Since it includes 3/8" and 5/8" threading, it can accommodate virtually any microphone, clip, or shockmount. Knowing that you’re likely to use it on camera, Warm Audio designed the WA-MBA with an internal cable management system, which not only keeps your cable run tidy, but also hides it from sight.

Speaking of cables, let’s get to Warm Audio’s new ones. All Warm Audio cables feature a lifetime warranty and top-of-the-line construction, courtesy of Switzerland’s Gotham AG. So, in addition to getting the Warm Audio dedication to tonal greatness, you’re also benefitting from Gotham’s highly respected construction techniques and technology. Whether you need a traditional XLR mic cable, balanced ¼" TRS interconnects, straight or right-angle instrument cords, unbalanced speaker cable, or XLR to ¼" cables, Warm has the solution in two versions, Pro and Premier.

If cost is your primary concern, feel confident choosing the Professional Series because it still provides worry-free dependability, pristine signal integrity, and commendable sonics. When performance takes priority over price, turn to the Premier Series. It adds high-class appointments such as 4-conductor StarQuad construction, gold-plated connectors, braided outer wrap, and intense Double-Ruessen shielding. What does that mean for you and your precious audio? More effective rejection of EMI and RFI (electromagnetic interference and radio-frequency interference), stronger resistance to pinching, and easier handling and wrapping, that’s what!

Professional Series
Premiere Series

Remember, it’s not just the big stuff that matters. “Little” things like cables, stands, and adapters make a difference, too. Check out these new Warm Audio accessories at B&H and hit up the Comments section below to share your thoughts on the matter.