Shure Announces UniPlex Directional Lavalier Microphones


Shure is expanding its lineup of subminiature Plex microphones with a new cardioid lavalier model, the UniPlex UL4, featuring durable, interference-resistant Shure Plex cabling and a directional pick-up pattern that’s well suited to broadcast and presentation applications where bleed and feedback issues need to be minimized.

UniPlex UL4
UniPlex UL4

It’s Cardioid!

Shure’s Plex series has gathered some very positive raves among theater and media professionals where clear, intelligible speech is paramount and reliability is critical. The top-tier TwinPlex models are equipped with dual-diaphragm capsules that deliver an outstanding dynamic response and can handle SPLs up to 142 dB, making them a great choice for demanding theatrical performers and presenters. When sweat, dust, and adverse weather conditions are a potential threat, the DuraPlex series, rated IP57 against dust and moisture ingress, is a smart option. Both these lavs use omnidirectional capsules that capture audio in a 360° radius around the microphone, making them easy to place on talent and supply consistent audio levels, even if the subject isn’t facing directly toward the mic.

But while a forgiving omnidirectional capsule is great for many uses, it can sometimes pick up additional unwanted sound; this could be from nearby presenters and talent or, more problematically, bleed from monitors and sound-reinforcement equipment, which can lead to feedback problems. Enter the UniPlex UL4 lavalier, with a cardioid polar pattern that picks up less background sound and focuses the audio capture on the wearer, providing a great fit for busy live stages and broadcast studios.

Subminiature Mic with Seriously Engineered Cable

At only 5mm, the UL4 still provides a visually discreet, subminiature profile that won’t distract attention from the presenter, while a snap-fit windscreen is included to reduce plosives and wind noise. As mentioned in the introduction, a major selling point here is Shure’s Plex cabling. Featuring a dual-resistant ground to provide exceptional shielding from interference, this advanced cable design is only 1.6mm in diameter and engineered to resist any memory effects and kinks.

You’ve Got Options

The UniPlex U4 lavalier is available in four color choices—black, cocoa, tan, and white—with a case, windscreen, and tie clip included. The mic is available with TA4F or LEMO connectors for use with compatible wireless microphone transmitters or can be purchased configured with an XLR connector for use with a wide range of professional audio gear.

Looking forward to trying out the Shure UniPlex U4 on your next broadcast or presentation? Let us know in the Comments section, below; and if you have questions, please call us, chat with us online, or stop by the B&H New York SuperStore.

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These look like great microphones for the price. I love different color options right out of the gate and a strong cable to boot!