Sennheiser Announces MKH 8030 Mic and Headset Updates

Sennheiser Announces MKH 8030 Mic and Broadcast Headset Updates

Sennheiser is rolling into NAB 2024 with some exciting new offerings, including a new MKH microphone and updates to its popular lineup of broadcast headsets.

MKH 8030

The MKH lineup of microphones includes high performing, industry standards like the 416, the 50, and recently the 8000 modular series, which features compact, timbrally identical small-diaphragm condenser mic capsules with different polar patterns. The capsules deliver the detailed, professional-quality audio capture that Sennheiser’s reputation is built on and fit both the MZX 8000 XLR module and the MZD 8000 digital module, allowing flexible workflows and optimal aural compatibility. The series offers a wide variety of polar pattern options including cardioid, supercardioid, wide cardioid, and omnidirectional. What hasn’t been available is a figure-8 capsule for the 8000 series, but thankfully those days are officially over with the introduction of the MKH 8030.

Shure MKH 8030 Microphones
Shure MKH 8030 Microphones

Like the other capsules, the 8030 offers a wide frequency response, with a rich bottom end coupled with detailed, natural sounding mids and highs. Engineered to be acoustically transparent, the 8030 features a symmetrical transducer that ensures ultralow distortion, while the transformerless, fully floating output delivers extremely low self-noise. The figure-8 pattern lends itself to a number of studio recording applications, especially if you’re trying to capture room tone with a performance or recording a duet. In addition, the bidirectional pick-up pattern lends itself nicely to various stereo recording configurations, including Mid/Side and Blumlein arrays.

Broadcast Headsets

In other Sennheiser news, the company has announced some significant updates to its broadcast headsets, paring the lineup down to 4 main models all with various enhancements. The HMD/E 46 is a lightweight, open headset for intercom communication with a lowered impedance of 200 Ohms and advanced speech intelligibility; choose between the HMD 46 if you want a dynamic mic or the HME 46 if you prefer an electret-condenser capsule. For a closed, on-ear headset for outdoor applications, you can opt for the HMD 26 or HME 26 which now feature a switchable ActiveGard limiter, while the HMD 27 and HME 27 provide a closed, over-ear solution for the highest sound quality. For backstage communication needs, the HMD 300 is a closed, circumaural model with a new dynamic microphone boom arm for advanced performance.

Shure HMD 27
Shure HMD 27

For more information about these new Sennheiser offerings, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out our detailed product pages. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.