Sennheiser Announces EW-DX Digital UHF Wireless System


Sennheiser is expanding its popular Evolution Wireless Digital series of wireless microphones with the addition of a new line of EW-DX components designed to simplify your workflow and make professional-quality, reliable wireless audio for conferences, meetings, and live performances easier than ever. Featuring 2- and 4-channel receivers, a wide 87 MHz bandwidth, extended battery life, optional Dante networking, AES-256 encryption, and up to 293 channels at once, this fully digital system delivers pristine, nuanced sound with a wide dynamic range for clear, intelligible speech and vocals.  

More Channels for More Mics 

Depending on your chosen frequency band, the EW-DX offers a maximum UHF tuning range of 87 MHz, providing plenty of options for the unit’s auto-scan function to find a clean frequency and create an interference-free operating channel with a wireless range up to 328'. The channel count has expanded even further, allowing up to 146 mics to operate at the same time using their equidistant tuning grid technology. Need even more channels? No problem. Simply engage the Link Density mode for a whopping 293-channel count. The system is backward compatible with EW-D components, and the new transmitters still offer the astonishing 134 dB of dynamic range introduced on that system, allowing them to handle a wide range of input levels with no sensitivity adjustment needed on the input. Initially, the systems are available with a half-rack two-channel receiver. In 2023, expect a half-rack two-channel receiver and a full-rack four-channel receiver, both with Dante networking. 

Control settings remotely with the Smart Assist app.

Software Control for Less Drama 

The EW-DX provides networked control—allowing you to monitor and manage settings remotely with Sennheiser Cockpit Control software, Wireless Systems Manager desktop software, and the Smart Assist app for mobile devices. Dante-enabled receivers will allow you to integrate digital audio into your existing networks, providing access across your entire facility. Third-party plug-ins are also supported, along with network-enabled intelligent charging for handheld and bodypack transmitters with the CHG 70N tabletop charger. 

This is the GUI of the Smart Assist app.

Tell Me More, You Say… 

There are a lot more features on offer with Sennheiser’s new EW-DX system that make your wireless life easier and ensure reliable, crystal-clear sound including:

  • New LCD screens on the transmitters with E-ink display for easy identification at a distance 

  • Fast remote pairing of transmitters and receivers via Bluetooth 

  • Extended battery life with up to 12 hours of operating time on a single charge 

  • Intelligent Switching Diversity ensures dependable performance with fewer dropouts, even in challenging RF environments 

  • 1.9 ms ultra-low latency helps keeps presenters and performers in sync  

  • Trim control to adapt individual transmitters for group performances 

  • Secure transmission of confidential content using AES-256 encryption 

  • Three frequency ranges are available in the US: 

  • Q1-9: 470.2–550 MHz

  • R1-9: 520–607.8 MHz

  • V5-7: 941.700–951.800 & 953.050–956.050 & 956.650–959.650

What’s in the Box? 

The EW-DX sets are currently available in a variety of configurations, including two handheld mics or two lavalier mics with bodypack transmitters, along with the half-rack two-channel receiver. Sets with two tabletop conference microphones will be available in 2023. 

The extensive features on this new EW-DX system have us excited here at B&H, with Sennheiser again raising the bar in the wireless audio realm and creating a versatile solution for educational and corporate environments, houses of worship, installations, broadcast studios, and performance venues.

Are you as interested in the EW-DX systems as we are? Let us know in the Comments section, below.