Saramonic Blink 900 B2: A Complete Wireless Mic System for Two


Straight out of the box, Saramonic’s Blink 900 B2 Wireless Microphone System is simple yet advanced, small yet all-inclusive, and highly capable for solo or two-person scenarios such as livestreams, vlogs, interviews, podcasts, and more. Whether you record with a camera, shoot on a smartphone, or use your computer for production duty, the Blink 900 B2 has the green light to go, go, go. As with the other members of this series, this system is ready to roll in the blink of an eye.

Blink 900 B2 Wireless Microphone System

Blink 900 B2 Wireless Microphone System

It’s the Little Things

One of the first things that stands out about the Blink 900 B2 is the size of its core components. Opening the charging case (more on that later) reveals a dual-channel receiver and two transmitters, each measuring approximately 1.8 x 1.8 x 0.7 inches—not much larger than a smartwatch. Plus, there are no external antennas and you don’t even have to use external microphones; each transmitter sports an omnidirectional mic capsule built into the housing.

Transmission Received

Not only can the clip-on / shoe-mount receiver work with one or two transmitters, but it can output in mono (identical signal to both output channels) or stereo (each transmitter sends to a separate output channel). The receiver’s 3.5mm TRS line out connects to your preferred recording device via the supplied cables—TRS to TRS for cameras, TRS to TRRS for smartphones outfitted with headphone jacks, TRS to USB Type-C for a multitude of mobile devices and computers, and TRS to Lightning for iPhones. A second TRS output is provided to accommodate direct connection of headphones, should you wish to make the right choice of monitoring your audio before and during the recording.

Goodies for All

Although you can simply clip the transmitters on your subjects and be done with it, Saramonic includes a pair of its premium omni lapel mics to suit situations where you need something even more visually discreet for the people on camera. Just plug the lav mics into the transmitters’ 3.5mm mic/line jacks and don’t worry about having to switch inputs. Wind protection is supplied for the lapel mics and the built-in mics on the transmitters, letting you cut down noise from clothing friction and gusts of wind easily.

The receiver and transmitters are powered by internal batteries that keep the units running for up to six hours. Rather than stringing multiple cables in an attempt to recharge the batteries, just pop the receiver and transmitters in the charging case to get as many as three full charges before needing to do any of that traditional wired charging business.

More When You Need It

Utilizing fresh DSP tech for the 2.4 GHz territory, the Blink 900 B2 offers a combination of audio clarity, low latency (6ms), and long range (up to 656' / 200m). The system’s automatic adjustment of gain and screen brightness makes it extremely user-friendly, even when dealing with dynamic sources and indoor/outdoor environments. For those who need to fiddle with bits, the brightness of the color LCD and the gain of the audio may be set manually. What’s more, the transmitter power buttons also function as mute switches and there’s an unexpected (but appreciated) low-cut filter, which can be selected at 80, 120, or 160 Hz.


By sizing down its Blink 500 Pro wireless system, scaling up the pro-level appointments, and adding cables for connectivity with virtually any recording device, Saramonic has made the Blink 900 B2 a potent and persuasive option for content creators, videographers, and mobile journalists who hope for strong performance and ease of operation without immense cost.

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