RØDE Updates Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II with New Firmware

RØDE Updates Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II with New Firmware

Hot off of this year’s NAB show in Las Vegas, RØDE is announcing an exciting new firmware update for its industry-leading Wireless GO II and RØDECaster Pro II, unlocking advanced new features and functionality that will greatly expand the potential uses of these well-regarded products. With powerful new onboard controls for the Wireless GO II and the surprising revelation of hidden wireless compatibility in the venerable RØDECaster Pro II, these compact portable audio devices are now more versatile and powerful than ever before.

The new firmware update for the Wireless GO II enables even more features in what is already one of the most feature-packed wireless microphone systems currently available. Two highly requested features have been added: The ability to save onboard recordings as WAV files, making it easy to transfer audio files to a computer in the field, and the option to start and stop recordings conveniently using the transmitter power button.

Further updates also include an expansion of the new camera preset feature, which was introduced in the previous firmware update. This feature makes it easier to match your audio output gain to the level that is appropriate for the camera with which you are recording, and now RØDE has greatly expanded the list of camera models. Several system enhancements and workflow improvements have also been made to make it even easier to get quality results from your Wireless GO II system in a timely fashion.

The real centerpiece of RØDE’s new firmware update, however, is the unlocking of a long-hidden feature within the RØDECaster Pro II audio production system: Integrated wireless microphone connectivity. While the RØDECaster Pro II is already one of the most powerful and well-connected audio solutions available for creative content producers, this new update will take things even further, allowing you to connect any RØDE Series IV wireless transmitter, including the Wireless GO II and Wireless ME, for recording crystal-clear wireless audio directly to your RCPII.

With the brand’s passion for wireless innovation on clear display, RØDE has made a flexible recording powerhouse even more so, providing more diverse I/O options for today’s workflows. This update makes the RØDECaster Pro II an ideal choice for content creators and mobile recording engineers seeking a portable audio production surface that will absolutely maximize their creative potential.

Do these firmware updates have you excited about unlocking new dimensions in your RØDE products? If you own a RØDECaster Pro II or Wireless GO II and think these features are as a big deal as we do, let us know in the Comments section, below. If you have questions, please call us, chat with us online, or stop by the B&H New York SuperStore.