RØDE Announces NTH-Mic Headset Microphone and NTH-100M Bundle


Updating its successful, award-winning NTH-100 professional headphones, RØDE adds greater versatility and broadcast quality sound with the NTH-Mic detachable headset microphone and NTH-100M full headset/mic bundle.

NTH-100 Professional Headphones
NTH-100 Professional Headphones

Designed specifically for broadcast, content creation, streaming, and gaming, this headset microphone enhances the NTH-100 headphones with clear, natural voice reproduction and optimal plosive rejection, positioned to deliver high-quality sound and crystal-clear speech intelligibility regardless of head shape.

This new microphone is fully detachable from any NTH-100 headphone set and sports an omnidirectional pickup pattern that will capture your speech with transparency and precision in any environment. The microphone includes an 8' TRRS cable to replace your old NTH-100 TRS cable and power for your new microphone.

For those who don’t already have their own pair of NTH-100 headphones, RØDE is now providing the NTH-100M, which bundles the NTH-100 headset with the NTH-Mic and everything you need to start broadcasting and producing professional media, with the necessary TRRS cable, a splitter cable, and a convenient storage pouch.

Are you ready to start taking your media content to new dimensions with the NTH-Mic or NTH-100M headset? Let us know in the Comments section, below. If you have questions, please call us, chat with us online, or stop by the B&H New York SuperStore.