O.C. White ProBoom Ultima Gen2: The Next Level in Microphone Broadcast Arms


If you are an up-and-coming or even an established broadcaster, podcaster, or engineer, upgrading to a premium boom arm will enhance the sound of your voice, provide a more comfortable experience for you and your guests, and streamline the look of your studio. O.C. White, the company who has set the industry standard in microphone support arms since its work with RCA in the 1950s, is now offering the ProBoom Ultima Gen2 line of ultralow-profile and scalable broadcast boom arms.

The ProBoom Ultima Gen2 represents the cutting edge of boom arm technology, combining style, simplicity, and user-friendly installation and operation. Highly scalable, with all components fitting together quickly, these arms allow you to grow and adapt from a single mic to a full suite of mics, all connected, with wires neatly tucked in, in just minutes.

The ultralow-profile design allows your voice talent to be both heard and seen. These mic booms hug your work surface, reducing the visual clutter of traditional mic arms.  Cameras can clearly see talent and guests, without scarifying movement or performance.

The ULP-18MA-13 and ULP-12MA-13 are each equipped with one 12″ fixed horizontal microphone arm (great for tight spaces) and a choice of an 18″ or 12″ bolt-through riser post to let you achieve optimal microphone positioning. To accommodate additional talent, the ULP-2RT-13 supports two microphones mounting off a single common 18″ bolt-through riser post.

Two other 12″ fixed horizontal arms are offered without a riser post: the ULP-MB-13 with machined table bushing mount and the ULP-13 without mount. A variety of accessories are available for when you need to grow your boom arm system. These include the ULP-CLAMP-13 4-way modular clamp assembly, the 12HEXT-13 12" horizontal extension arm, and the MB-13 machined table bushing.

So, if you’re looking to take your podcasts and livestreaming experience to the next level for you and your guests, these outstanding boom arms with silky-smooth, quiet operation and superior Made-in-the-USA construction might just be the thing for you.

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