Neumann Introduces KH 120-II Near-Field Studio Monitors


When Neumann launched its KH 120 studio monitors 12 years ago, the response from the press and professionals was overwhelmingly enthusiastic. Now, Neumann is proud to announce an update to its line of celebrated near-field monitors, the KH 120-II, which comes in four distinct flavors: KH 120 II US, KH 120 II W, KH 120 II AES67, and KH 120 II W AES67. Sporting improvements such as sophisticated DSP-driven electronics and automatic monitor alignment, the KH 120-II delivers superior performance in virtually every way, providing a new standard for pro-level mixing in applications ranging from recording studios and OB vans, to live events and home streaming setups.

KH 120 II (left) and KH 120 II W (right)

The first major improvement worth shining a light on is the advanced DSP-driven electronics. The KH 120-II allows for phase linear crossovers with less than 2.6 ms latency, a feature which ensures that all frequencies arrive at the listening destination at the same time, making transient material more well defined. This also makes it easier to integrate the KH-120-II monitors into surround setups, as each loudspeaker and its corresponding crossover filter will be in-phase, making it much simpler to balance. Balancing is even easier with the use of Automatic Monitor Alignment technology from Neumann's innovative MPA 1 (sold separately), allowing for rapid and extremely accurate calibration in any space.

All acoustic parameters from the original KH 120 monitors have been improved, as well. The new KH 120-II features lower distortion, deeper bass, a higher max SPL, and improved sonic resolution. Swapping out the original aluminum cabinet for more sustainable MDF material not only improves rigidity but helps make the monitors lighter and easier to set up. The woofer has also been completely redesigned for improved performance, and the MMD (Mathematically Modeled Dispersion) waveguide has been updated for the brand-new cabinet design.

Dozens of additional improvements have been made to ensure the KH 120-II stands on its own, not the least of which is the patent-pending amplifier technology that provides superior audio performance with the welcome energy efficiency of a Class-D amp. Whether used alone or combined with other KH line speakers for immersive or surround setups, users will be thrilled with the linear 44 Hz to 21 kHz frequency response, high-precision drivers, and extremely low tolerances that allow for razor sharp imaging.

The new KH 120-II also includes optional AES67 connectivity for handling complicated digital audio systems. Deliver multichannel audio directly to your KH monitors via RJ45 connectors. Anthracite and white finish options are also available for finding the perfect aesthetic for your setup. No matter which options you choose, the KH 120-II near-field monitors simply allow audio experts to get the absolute best out of their audio in ever-changing work environments.

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