Neumann KH 150 Bi-Amped Studio Monitor: 6.5" Woofer for Extended Lows and Higher SPLs


Neumann has announced the KH 150 Studio Monitor, an exciting new addition to its KH series of powered monitors featuring DSP electronics to ensure accurate mixing. With its 6.5" woofer and 1" tweeter providing a frequency response from 39 Hz to 21 kHz, and two powerful amplifiers delivering a maximum SPL of 118 dB at 1 meter, the KH 150 is designed to offer accurate, room-adjustable monitoring for professional and project studios working on a wide range of projects. 

Neumann KH 150 Bi-Amped Studio Monitor: 6.5" Woofer for Extended Lows and Higher SPLs

Neumann KH 150 Bi-Amped Studio Monitor: 6.5" Woofer for Extended Lows and Higher SPLs

The KH series has been engineered to provide high linearity and low distortion for accurate, uncolored results, so you can be sure your mixes will translate properly when the project is over and it’s ready for the world. With its 20-liter bass reflex cabinet, the KH 150 fills a nice slot in the lineup, offering more power and low end than the smaller KH 120, and approaching the KH 310 in terms of bottom end and wattage capabilities, making it well suited for EDM, Hip-Hop, and soundtrack work, along with many other applications. 

The KH 150 delivers a linear frequency and phase response from its high-precision drivers and Mathematically Modelled Dispersion (MMD) waveguide, ensuring you hear all the subtleties and nuances in your productions and allowing you to pinpoint problems and mix confidently. Extremely low tolerances (+/- 0.8 dB) allow a pair of KH 150 monitors to offer a razor-sharp stereo image. Sophisticated protection limiters let you monitor confidently at higher SPLs, while built-in advanced DSP processing not only ensures phase accuracy but allows you to calibrate the speaker for your room using the separately available MA 1 Automatic Monitor Alignment system.  

A smart feature worth noting is the effort taken to make the KH 150 an energy-efficient choice. Neumann’s patent-pending amp technology combines Class D energy efficiency with outstanding audio performance, delivering up to 145W to the woofer and 100W to the tweeter; yet the amps only consume 17W when idle. An optional auto-standby mode can be enabled to reduce power consumption to 0.3W when the monitor is not in use.  

The KH 150 is available with analog inputs in either anthracite or white or with AES67 connections for digital audio and control—also in your choice of anthracite or white colors.  

Neumann KH 150 in Anthracite
Neumann KH 150 in White
Neumann KH 150 Studio Monitors in Anthracite or White

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