Neumann Announces New NDH-30 Open-Back Headphones for Mixing and Mastering


At some point, every producer/engineer wonders the same thing: is it possible to get an accurate mix on headphones? And if so, what is the magic pair of headphones that makes this possible? Neumann’s new open-back headphone offering, the NDH-30, is designed specifically to be the affirmative answer to this question, providing creators with a finely calibrated studio speaker system housed in the form of a pair of headphones that can go anywhere the mix takes you.



New Kid on the Block

This newcomer serves as a welcome addition, arriving on the heels of Neumann’s NDH-20, a closed-back model that has proved popular with engineers and musicians for tracking, recording, and mixing. While the new model offers a similar spring-steel and aluminum construction, the open-back design provides a more natural soundstage, allowing the 38mm dynamic drivers to work as acoustic dipoles and deliver outstanding linearity and optimized sound you can trust. With an extremely fast transient response, dry bass, uncolored midrange, and transparent high end coupled with high-resolution stereo imaging, the NDH-30s are precisely tailored to reveal important sonic details, so you can be confident your work will translate well to a wide range of headphones and sound systems.

Calibrated Comfort

The headphones offer a wide frequency range, with a low end that reaches down to 12 Hz and a high end extending all the way to 34 kHz, ensuring important harmonics and nuances are reproduced. An impedance of 120 ohms ensures ample volume with minimal distortion on a wide range of headphone amps. In addition, the NDH-30 dovetails nicely with loudspeaker systems calibrated using Neumann Automatic Monitor Alignment, including their KH Series, so you can start a mix on headphones seamlessly and check it over your loudspeakers or vice versa. The circumaural design is padded to provide all-day wearing comfort you’ll appreciate during extended mixing, editing, and mastering sessions. The headphones fold up for travel and storage and include an internally balanced, detachable 3.5mm cable that plugs into the right earcup and comes with a 1/4" adapter. The cable and earpads are also available for purchase separately if either needs to be replaced.

Are you ready to give Neumann’s new NDH-30 open-back headphones a try on your next mixing or mastering session? Let us know in the Comments section, below, and if you have questions, contact us online or over the phone at +1 (800) 606-6969.