Mix Confidently and Comfortably with the RØDE NTH-100 Headphones


When RØDE built the NTH-100 Headphones, it was guided by the belief that every audio creator deserves to hear their sound in a thoroughly rewarding way. From the custom-matched drivers and modular design to innovative features that make you wish this happened years ago, the RØDE NTH-100 command attention without commandeering your budget. Plus, since they were conjured and constructed in-house at RØDE’s facility in Australia, you’re assured the headphones were made under the watchful eyes of RØDE specialists.

NTH-100 Headphones
NTH-100 Headphones

For the Sake of the Sound

For people who produce audio, there’s no point in using headphones that don’t offer trustworthy sound. To preserve the sanctity of your content, RØDE’s NTH-100 utilize 40mm dynamic drivers in closed-back earcups with an advanced acoustic design. This combination yields a balanced, “unhyped” tonal signature similar to that of open-back headphones while delivering isolation from ambient sounds and preventing the headphone sound from bleeding into your room.

With a 5 Hz to 35 kHz frequency response, 126 dB maximum SPL, and 20 dBA of passive noise attenuation, these RØDE headphones reproduce detail and nuance at all stages of production—tracking a lone sound source, building a mix, or checking the final master. Plus, their high sensitivity (110 dB) and low impedance (32 ohms) allow them to be driven effectively from most audio interfaces, headphone amps, and mixers.

NTH-100 Headphones

Donning the NTH-100 and listening to a collection of my favorite “speaker test” tracks, finished mixes, YouTube channels, and podcasts, I was repeatedly gratified by the welcoming nature of their tonality. Whether it was bass-heavy house, mid-forward metal, voice-only content, or classical music spread evenly across the frequency spectrum, the headphones seemed to state simply and cleanly, “Here, good sir, is your sound as requested.” This makes them exciting, not as a result of timbral boosts and dips, but for their consistent delivery of tone characterized by veracity you don’t have to question.

Consistent Comfort

In addition to their non-fatiguing sonic performance, the NTH-100 headphones feature carefully selected materials to ensure comfort for those long days in and out of the studio. The earpads incorporate memory foam and CoolTech gel, which cools your ears by absorbing and dissipating heat. Both earpads and the headband cushion are covered in luxurious Alcantara fabric, known for its softness, breathability, and durability.

Thanks to the earcups’ bi-directional adjustment system, the NTH-100 are welcoming for heads of all shapes and sizes. Even if you wear eyeglasses, the headphones provide a fit that just feels right. As you would expect, the headband is adjustable. However, a slick surprise is the addition of RØDE’s FitLok system, a locking mechanism that keeps the earcups positioned exactly the way you set them, so you get the same fit every time.

RØDE’s FitLok system
RØDE’s FitLok system

As someone who’s almost always seen with stylish, thick-framed glasses, I have a tumultuous relationship with over-ear headphones when it comes to attaining a solid seal. I was immediately relieved after placing the NTH-100 over my ears (and glasses); the seal afforded me properly big bass response and excellent separation from my surroundings. After several hours, I noticed something strange… my ears weren’t in need of fresh air. The temperature control demonstrated by these cans is quite shocking. That CoolTech gel is no joke.

Made to Last

The NTH-100 are in it for the long haul. The stainless spring-steel headband was tested under pressure equal to 25 years of use, and the final construction was stressed with thousands of pulls, bends, tugs, rotations, and stretches. Plus, the headphones were subjected to environmental trials ranging from climate and water exposure to drop and scratch tests.

Wires used to link the earcups are rated to withstand more than 55 pounds of force, while the cable and earcup sockets are rated to more than 26 pounds of force. The single-sided, easy-roll cable with integrated strain relief attaches to the left or right side via a locking connector, making it secure and adaptable to your setup.

Customizable Style

On the NTH-100, the earpads, headband, and cable are replaceable and user-customizable. This allows the lifespan of the headphones to be extended while offering personalization via optional parts that will be available in four colors.

Speaking of colors, the NTH-100 come with a set of cable ID rings in four colors that allow you to identify each cable by a distinct color, plus a headphone cable, 3.5mm to ¼" adapter, and storage pouch. Regardless of the cable ID rings you use or to which side you connect the cable, there are three points of earcup identification—small colored rings around the earcup wires, braille (raised dots) on each earcup, and L/R letters inside the earcups.

Further personalization is possible through the purchase of other RØDE headphone cables, available in lengths of 1.2 or 2.4m (roughly 3.9 or 7.9') with color options such as black and the same four channel colors found in RØDE Connect software and on the RØDECaster Pro—orange, green, pink, and blue. Each cable comes with a threaded ¼" adapter, a set of cable ID rings, and a rubber seal for the earcup you don’t connect to the cable.

RØDE headphone cables
RØDE headphone cables


Simply put, the NTH-100 are headphones you can enjoy wearing while relying on their sonic honesty. Unlike boutique Hi-Fi headphones, these are made to serve and survive production duty on location and in your personal studio space.

Could they become your go-to cans? Share your thoughts on the NTH-100 in the Comments section, below.