Mackie Announces the Next Evolution of the Thump Loudspeakers


Mackie announced the next evolution of its incredibly popular, high-powered PA system, the Thump Series Loudspeakers and Subwoofers, with more power, capabilities, and bang for your buck than ever before. With audio professionals in mind, the Thump Series has been completely redesigned from the ground up with heavy duty drivers, 1400W amplifiers, and powerful tools to make your next gig easier. There are six offerings, including Thump212, Thump215, Thump212XT, and Thump215XT, as well as the Thump115S and Thump118S subwoofers, so you can get the PA setup you want when you need it.


The standard Thump212 and Thump215 utilize a 1400W ultra-efficient Class-D amplifier to power the 12" and 15" woofers, respectively. Each loudspeaker is equipped with a highly flexible I/O module featuring two channels of XLR/TRS inputs. Input 1 accepts mic or line signals, while Channel 2 includes a stereo 3.5mm aux input. An XLR Thru output combines the signal of both inputs to connect to additional speakers. A Feedback Eliminator is also included, which reduces squeals and out-of-control rumble, while the Music Ducking feature reduces the level of Channel 2 when Channel 1 is receiving the signal.


The Thump212XT and Thump215XT include all the standard features plus venue-specific voicing modes to optimize your speakers instantly for how you use them at the press of a single button. Those are:

  • Music: Made to enhance pre-recorded music

  • Live: Perfect for general sound reinforcement

  • Club: Provides a nice low-end punch

  • Monitor: Optimizes the speaker for use as a floor wedge, keeping feedback in check

Additionally, an Indoor/Outdoor mode further helps contour your sound to the environment. What’s more, all these controls and more can be accessed and adjusted wirelessly from your favorite portable device using the free Mackie Thump Connect 2 App. Adjust anything from system EQ and Voicing modes to channel levels and venue-specific presets. You can also link a pair of ThumpXT speakers together via Bluetooth to stream music to both speakers in either Stereo or Dual Zone mode and control both via the Thump Connect 2 app.


For an extended low-end response, the 1400W, 15" Thump115S and 18" Thump118S subwoofers deliver remarkable bass and are a perfect match for the Thump loudspeaker system. Each subwoofer includes tools to help optimize your system, including a variable crossover, polarity invert, and stereo or mono summing for single or dual subwoofer deployment. Additionally, custom selectable voicing modes help further define your sound, including:

  • Flat: Natural balance between deep bass and overall output

  • Deep: Emphasizes ultra-low frequencies. Great for dance, rap, and electronic music

  • Punch: Prioritizes highest possible output level. Great for bands and rock music

  • Variable: High-pass filter from 80 to 160 Hz

The highly flexible I/O section includes two XLR inputs plus High-Pass and Full-Range outputs. The ergonomic cabinet design includes integrated top corner handles, making transport easier than ever.


As you can see, the new Mackie Thump loudspeakers and subs pack a punch! How will you use them for your next gig? What’s your favorite PA setup? Let us know in the Comments section, below!