Logitech Announces Gamer-Focused Yeti Studio Active Dynamic Mic

Logitech Announces New Gamer-Focused Yeti Studio Active Dynamic Microphone

Logitech has been an increasingly popular and competitive name in the content creation space ever since its acquisition of Blue Microphones, in 2018. Now, the brand is announcing another new addition to its ever-growing Yeti microphone line: the G Yeti Studio.

Available in either black or off-white, the G Yeti Studio is an active dual-diaphragm dynamic microphone offering smooth low end and superb detail. Capable of elevating your gaming and streaming experience significantly, the Yeti Studio offers advanced audio technology and a gamer-first design philosophy.

Logitech Yeti Studio Active Dynamic Supercardioid Broadcast XLR Microphone
Logitech Yeti Studio Active Dynamic Supercardioid Broadcast XLR Microphone

The built-in ClearAmp technology delivers up to +25 dB of additional gain for exceptional audio quality, clarity, and presence. This lets you reach your audience with potent, commanding audio and be heard clearly without the need for external hardware like mic boosters and mixers.

The supercardioid pickup pattern of the capsule is an important feature for gamers and Twitch heroes alike, helping considerably to cut out ambient room noises and unwanted sounds like keyboard chatter, AC hum, or computer fans. This makes sure the only sound making it into your game is your voice.

Further reducing noise, the mic chassis features an internal shockmount, isolating the mic capsule from its environment. Bumps and vibrations will no longer give you painful rumbles and pops.

The Yeti Studio not only sounds the part, but also looks it too, with a sleek design and interchangeable windscreens. You can give your gaming experience a custom aesthetic and enhance your on-screen presence during streaming sessions.

Further demonstrating its gamer-forward design, the Yeti Studio features an innovative 290-degree swivel mount, giving you freedom to place this streaming mic at virtually any angle for an optimal playing and streaming experience.

Finally, the output is a 3-pin XLR connection that will work perfectly with any XLR-equipped audio interface. Note that the active preamp of the Yeti Studio does require either a mixer or audio interface capable of delivering +24 or +48V phantom power.

For more information about the new microphone, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the Logitech G Yeti Studio. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to reply to your comments and questions.