Lectrosonics' New Water-Resistant Subminiature DSSM Transmitter

Lectrosonics Announces New Water-Resistant Subminiature DSSM Transmitter

Professionals who handle audio for video applications frequently turn to Lectrosonics to reliably get the job done. Now, Lectrosonics is offering a new gadget that will surely find its way into the toolbox of many audio engineers: the DSSM miniature digital audio transmitter.

Lectrosonics DSSM Water-Resistant Micro Digital Wireless Transmitter
Lectrosonics DSSM Water-Resistant Micro Digital Wireless Transmitter

The digital successor to the SSM, the DSSM sports an extremely compact form factor, ideal for TV, film, theatre, and sports broadcasting. Despite its small size, the DSSM includes a wide range of features and is compatible with all current Lectrosonics digital receivers, including the DSQD, DCR822, DSR, DSR4, M2Ra, and DCHR.  

One of the DSSM’s most impressive features is its IP57 rating, which provides effective protection from dust ingress and moisture. The DSSM is also officially rated for full water immersion up to 3.2' for over 30 minutes, making it perfect for work in highly demanding environments or with excessively sweaty subjects.

The DSSM uses specially developed circuitry for extended operating time on the rechargeable LB-50 battery. RF power selections include 10 or 35 mW (via D2 compat mode) as well as a special high-density mode at 2 mW that provides maximum channel count within a limited spectrum. With over 6000 frequencies across a wide UHF range, you will always be able to find a viable frequency in any environment.

Lectrosonics LB-50 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack for SSM Transmitter & IFBR1B Receiver
Lectrosonics LB-50 Rechargeable Li-Ion Battery Pack for SSM Transmitter & IFBR1B Receiver

Utilizing Lectrosonics’ signature servo-bias technology, the transmitter input can accept a wide range of input levels and impedances, including mic- or line-level signals, as well as high-impedance instruments, allowing for a wide range of applications in live or broadcast applications. Accurately indicated 1 dB gain adjustments make it easy to maximize signal to noise while minimizing distortion. And with a limiter built into the preamp, you can cleanly handle signal peaks over 30 dB above full modulation, allowing you to truly maximize your signal level while avoiding overload.

Every aspect of the DSSM emphasizes intuitive operation and versatility. The interface includes a membrane switch panel and a bright OLED display that’s easily readable in any lighting environment. The menu structure is designed for easy navigation. A bi-color LED lets you always keep an eye on battery life.

Of course, the build quality is also rugged, as one would expect of a pro wireless product from Lectrosonics. The transmitter is constructed from machined aluminum alloy treated in a conductive, super-hard electroless nickel ebENi finish. When it’s time to connect to lavalier mics, the DSSM sports a common LEMO 3-pin connector with a threaded collar for additional ruggedness. A flexible, repositionable wire belt clip is included, allowing you to orient your antenna up or down.

Finally, Lectrosonics is also unveiling a new dock-style charging station for the DSSM, the CHSDSSM. This drop-in charging station lets you conveniently organize your means of recharging for up to four LB-50 batteries or DSSM transmitters in applications where large systems with numerous batteries are needed simultaneously. Each charging module can be daisy-chained to an additional three modules via a single AC power adapter for a total of 16 units that can be charged at once. Please note that the CHSDSSM does not include a power supply, and the DCR5/9AU power supply will need to be purchased separately.

Lectrosonics CHSDSSM 4-Bay Charging Station for DSSM Transmitters and Batteries
Lectrosonics CHSDSSM 4-Bay Charging Station for DSSM Transmitters and Batteries

If you want to purchase the transmitter with a charging dock, kits are available from Lectrosonics in three frequency ranges: 470 to 607 MHz, 537 to 662 MHz, and 941 to 959 MHz.

For more information about the new Lectrosonics transmitter, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the DSSM. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.