Lectrosonics Announces New DSR, DSR5P, and DSR4 2-Channel & 4-Channel Wireless Slot Receivers


Lectrosonics is making spring a little brighter for mobile video production teams with the announcement of three new digital slot receiver models created to provide professional, broadcast-quality audio and unrivaled RF reliability in the field: the DSR and DSR5P are 2-channel models, while the DSR4 is the 4-channel version. All units are compatible with mono digital transmitters including the DBSM, DBu, DHu, DPR, and DPR-A, as well as the DCHT and M2T stereo transmitters.

Engineered for mobile teams working in TV, sports video, news, reality shows, and other high-intensity production sound environments, these new models deliver Lectrosonics' industry-revered sound quality and are designed to ensure interference-free performance even in today's crowded and ever-shrinking RF spectrum.

Here's a quick list of key features shared by the 2-channel and 4-channel versions:

  • Tuning across 144 MHz (A1B1 version) or 155 MHz (B1C1 version) with 941 (North America only) and 961 (UK Only) versions also available

  • Compatible D2, HDM, Duet, DCHX digital modes

  • Backward compatible with NA Hybr, NU Hybr, EU Hybr, JA Hybr modes

  • Selectable AES3 or analog mic/line level outputs natively

  • Extremely high IP3 of +15 dBm for high performance in tough RF environments

  • 24 bit/48 kHz digital for flawless audio

  • SmartNR noise reduction with Off, Normal, and Full modes

  • AES 256-CTR encryption with 4 key policy modes

  • USB port for connectivity with Wireless Designer and firmware updates

  • External DC powering options

  • All-aluminum housing for durability

  • Extremely fast RF scanning and setup via IR

The 2-channel DSR and DSR5P models offer vector diversity, courtesy of two RF front ends per channel for superior RF reliability. The DSR5P version is designed for cameras and other docks that don't offer two analog audio channels through the slot connection.

DSR Series: DSR and DSR5P Two Channel Digital Slot Receiver
DSR Series: DSR and DSR5P Two Channel Digital Slot Receiver

The flexible 4-channel DSR4 model provides both antenna phase diversity (4-channel operation) and offers Vector diversity (2-channel operation). These can be used in combination, so it is possible to have one Vector pair (say, channels 1 & 2) and then two independent antenna phase channels (say, 3 and 4) for a total of 3 channels of independent operation. A built-in TA5M connector on the faceplate provides external audio outputs for channels 3 and 4, while a color display and tactile buttons make it easy to operate. Lectrosonics is also introducing a wide range of accessories to provide mounting, powering, and audio output options for these receivers, allowing users to tailor these slot receivers to their camera setups and production needs.

DSR4: Four Channel Digital Slot Receiver
DSR4: Four Channel Digital Slot Receiver

These new receivers are available with four frequency bands:

A1B1: 470.100 to 614.375
B1C1: 537.600 to 691.175
941: 941.525 to 959.825
961: 961.100 to 1014.900

Are you ready to step up to these new Lectrosonics slot receivers for your next mobile production shoot? Let us know in the Comments section, below, and if you have questions, reach out to us online or over the phone.