Just Announced: New UWP-D Dual-Channel Wireless Receivers Featuring Dual-Channel Digital Connectivity with Select Sony Cameras


Once again, Sony has updated its popular 4th generation UWP-D wireless microphone series, this time with the announcement of its new URX-P41D dual-channel receiver. Not only is this new receiver substantially smaller, lighter, and more rugged than Sony's previous URX-P03D two-channel model, it also takes full advantage of Sony's SMAD-5 MI shoe adapter, which provides a digital-to-digital connection for select Sony cameras equipped with a digital Multi Interface Shoe (MI shoe) for superior, fully digital audio quality.

Sony URX-P41D Dual-Channel Camera-Mount Wireless Receiver (UC14: 470 to 542 MHz)

Sony URX-P41D Dual-Channel Camera-Mount Wireless Receiver (UC14: 470 to 542 MHz)

The URX-P41D receiver is available as a single component or packaged as part of a system that includes two bodypack transmitters, each with lavalier microphones and available in three different frequency bands to choose from. Here are your options:

  • URX-P41D: Dual-channel camera-mount receiver

  • UWP-DP27: Dual-channel camera-mount receiver with two bodypack transmitters and lavalier mics

The URX-P41D receiver offers easy integration with Sony's XDCAM camcorders, sharing audio information such as RF level meter, audio-mute status, and low-battery alert for the transmitters, and displays them on the viewfinder. Utilizing the SMAD-P5 MI shoe, audio signals can be digitally transmitted from the wireless receiver to a connected camera without a cable connection or loss in digital audio quality. The MI adapter also provides the ability to unify power management since the wireless receiver gets power from the camera while the camera can synchronize power on or off with the receiver. The SMAD-P5 is compatible with selected models of Sony cameras equipped with an MI shoe.

The system offers a 330' operating range and has been designed to get you set up quickly and ready to shoot with two on-camera personalities. The press of a single button engages the receiver's Sequential Pairing function, providing an all-band scan of the full 72 MHz bandwidth to find the two best available frequencies and automatically link the receivers. This ensures a quick set up and reliable transmission you can count on even when traveling. A backwards-compatible IR syncing mode is also on board, allowing the receiver to easily sync with previous generation transmitters without having to manually enter in frequencies. Up to 16 wireless mics per frequency band can be used on set at the same time.

More New Features:

  • High-visibility OLED display for indoor/outdoor use

  • Channel memory function for fast switching between four receiver frequencies

  • Headphone output allows you to monitor audio at the receiver

  • Auto-gain mode prevents distortion at the input level

  • Output level control allows users to increase output level when needed

  • High output gain mode can be used to lower DSLR and mirrorless camera input levels for less noise

  • External mic input allows for up to 4-channel recording (when using a stereo external mic) with digital mixing capabilities

  • Backwards compatibility with Sony WL-800/UWP/UWP-D series

Are you a Sony shooter ready to step up to fully digital audio quality with this new dual-channel URX-P41D receiver? Let us know in the Comments section, below, and if you have questions, reach out to us online, over the phone, or stop by our NYC superstore if you're in the area.