Introducing the MixPre-10M with Overdub and Remix from Sound Devices


It's time for musicians and songwriters to get creative. Sound Devices just released the MixPre-10M multitrack recorder, mixer, and USB interface with overdub functionality. It combines the ease of dedicated hardware recording with the essence of computer-based music production software into an all-in-one recorder and USB audio interface. This is great for song creation or live performances. Musicians and songwriters now have an easy-to-use, portable device for capturing songs and ideas anywhere and anytime inspiration grabs them.

Some of the MixPre-10M features include: 10 inputs, 12 recording tracks, multilayered recording of WAV files to SD cards, an audio interface with 12-in/4-out USB connectors, eight ultra-low-noise Kashmir balanced XLR-1/4" combo mic preamps, and intuitive touch-screen operation. It ships with an XL-WPH3 power supply and an MX-8AA battery sled for flexible powering options and ultimate portability. The optional MX-LMount holds two hot-swappable lithium-ion batteries (available separately) for further powering versatility.

As a musician, the MixPre-10M is great for song recording because you can layer up to 12 tracks, overdub, punch in/out, remix playback tracks, and even bounce-down tracks to allow for more tracks. The MixPre-10M device is built with premium-quality effects like vintage reverbs and vocal air and equipped with a metronome to help you keep time and stay in the groove. Finally, when your recordings are done, you can export your files for sharing.

So, it's time to get creative. Stop by our retail SuperStore or visit the B&H website to check it out.