Hollyland Lark Wireless Microphone Systems Updated: The Lark C1, Optimized for Mobile Devices


Whether it be TikToks, Instagram Reels, or YouTube Shorts, shortform on-the-go videos have experienced a rise in popularity. Social media personalities are hitting the street with just their phones in hand, ready to shoot their next viral video. But when it comes to making it big, you can’t forget about your audio quality, and Hollyland has got you covered with the Lark C1 Wireless Microphone Systems. Available in white or black, as well as in 2-person and solo configurations, these plug-and-play mics are designed to record directly to your mobile device of choice, iPhone or Android.

Lark C1 Wireless Microphone System

Lark C1 Wireless Microphone System

The single transmitter and dual transmitter versions of the system boast a line-of-sight range of 650'. Built-in noise cancellation works to clean up your sound quality and furry windscreens reduce interference caused by outdoor elements. The receiver is powered by your mobile device, while each transmitter will operate for up to 8 hours on its built-in rechargeable battery. When you’ve exhausted that, don’t sweat, the included charging case brings them back to life, letting you work for up to 32 hours without access to AC.

In 2-person configurations, not only can you choose between colors, but you can also select a phone-specific Lark C1 for compatibility with your personal mobile device. The receiver comes equipped with either a USB-C or Lightning connector, which inserts and records directly to your phone. Capture rich sound from 20 Hz to 20 kHz and play it back via your phone’s speaker without needing to unplug the receiver unit. Further control and monitoring over your system can be achieved via the LarkSound app, making your phone a true content-creating powerhouse.

Learn more about each configuration by visiting their product pages on our website. Do you envision using the Lark C1 in your social media ventures? Let us know in the Comments section, below.