Gabor Desktop Monitor Mounts


Free up valuable desktop space for flat panel displays up to 27" with these monitor mounts from Gabor. Available in single- and dual-arm arrays, these mounts offer multiple points of articulation, integrated cable guides for wire management, and convenient desk clamps for installation. Dual-segment and spring-loaded varieties are also available, which support 13-27" and 15-27" screen sizes respectively. The dual-segment mounts allow you to lock the arm in place to prevent accidental swinging, while the spring-loaded arms provide variable tension to prevent drooping.

If greater desktop clearance is required, Gabor also offers an extension arm and wall mount adapter for the company’s spring-loaded mounts. The extension arm adds an additional 10" of length and is equipped with the same integrated cable guide seen in the desktop mount. It also increases lateral articulation, providing wider horizontal viewing. The wall mount adapter replaces the mount's center column and desktop clamp, allowing you to convert the mount for wall placement. For streamlined installation, mounting hardware is included.