Deity Announces V-Mic D4 Duo: On-Camera Shotgun Mic for Better Interview Sound


Fast-moving, run-and-gun DSLR/mirrorless videographers will appreciate the smart feature set on the Deity Microphones V-Mic D4 Duo, a compact, lightweight on-camera microphone designed to deliver better-sounding interviews from the field.

Diety Microphones V-Mic D4 Duo
Deity Microphones V-Mic D4 Duo

The mic offers a dual-capsule design, with one cardioid capsule focused on the subject in front of the mic, and a second aimed at the rear, allowing it to pick up audio from the camera operator/interviewer/journalist filming the scene. Instead of being forced to shout for the benefit of a microphone, this clever innovation lets the interviewer speak in a normal tone of voice without sounding muffled and distant, providing improved sound for interviews and voice-overs. Documentary makers and videographers can be immersed in getting the material and doing the work, confident their on-camera questions and narration are being captured clearly.

The versatile V-Mic D4 Duo has another smart touch: a 3.5mm Aux input jack designed to accommodate a lavalier mic (available separately). If you have time to mic up your subject with a lav, simply plug it into the jack and flip the stereo switch that bypasses the rear mic on the D4. The lav is recorded on the camera’s right channel, while the front capsule of the D4 Duo is routed to the left. With the audio from each mic on separate tracks, you can dial in the exact blend you want of the close-miked sound from the lav and the ambience of the on-camera mic in post-production.

The D4 weighs only 1.4 oz and features 1/4 and 3/8" threading options for mounting. Two faux fur windshields to reduce wind noise, Rycote shockmount to reduce vibrations and handing noise, and a coiled 3.5mm connection cable are included. The Deity V-Mic D4 Duo is expected to be available later this summer; please give us a call or visit the B&H website for additional information.