Apogee’s Jam X with Analog Amp Circuit Overdrive & Compression Presets


Ever since the first generation of Apogee’s Jam interfaces were introduced, in 2011, these USB interfaces have been extremely popular with musicians and songwriters in need of an ultra-portable interface that can quickly and easily record a guitar, bass, or other monophonic instrument with top-notch Apogee A to D conversion. The latest iteration of the interface, the Jam X, keeps the headphone jack and control refinements from the Jam + and adds Apogee’s Analog Amp Circuit to the series. The Analog Amp Circuit uses the overdrive from the Jam + and the innovative compressor from the HypeMiC to provide presets that help you achieve real analog amp tones, ranging from subtle saturation warmth to screaming distortion.

Jam X
Jam X

The other terrific features that have made the Jam interfaces so popular are still on board, including a single 1/4" input, 24-bit/96 kHz high-resolution recording, plug-and-play operation, 3.5mm stereo output for latency-free headphone or speaker monitoring, and a compact yet rugged metal chassis. A single gain knob lets you quickly adjust the level while pushing the knob selects an Analog Amp Circuit preset. The headphone blend control lets you adjust the mix of your guitar input and the music coming from your computer or iPad so you can properly monitor it during. overdubs.

The Jam X’s USB Type-C port provides the digital connection to your Mac, Windows computer, or iPad Pro. Of course, the Jam X can be used with guitar and bass, but also works with a synth, keyboard, acoustic instrument with a pickup, or even (with a separately available impedance transformer) a dynamic microphone. A USB Type-C and a USB Type-A cable are included. A Lightning to USB Type-A cable is available separately.

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