Apogee Announces New USB Audio Interface with Built-In Hardware DSP


Apogee has been making award-winning analog and digital products for 35 years. Used by studio professionals to capture live performances in the studio, Apogee has left an undeniable mark on the recording industry. The brand's latest foray into the budget market will definitely turn some heads: announcing the Apogee BOOM, a 2x2 USB audio interface featuring built-in hardware DSP. It’s currently the only audio interface in its class with integrated hardware DSP plug-in processing, including the Symphony ECS Channel Strip, a plug-in tuned by legendary mix engineer Bob Clearmountain.

Apogee BOOM
Apogee BOOM

The Apogee BOOM connects to your computer, iPad Pro, or iPhone via USB-C connection and features a combo XLR-1/4" mic/line/instrument input and a 1/4" instrument/line input, as well as a 1/4" zero-ohm headphone output and a pair of 1/4" stereo monitor outputs. A Kensington lock is available for standard security protocols. The Apogee BOOM ships with Ableton Live Lite and a 3-month subscription to Neural DSP plug-ins. At the time of purchase or registration, any Apogee native plug-in or bundle is available at 50% off.

As you can see, Apogee is raising the bar on budget-friendly audio interfaces. What’s your favorite audio interface? Let us know in the Comments section, below.