Antelope Audio Announces Its First Studio Monitor: The Atlas i8

Antelope Audio Announces Its First Studio Monitor: The Atlas i8

Known primarily for high-quality audio interfaces and digital modeling microphones, Antelope Audio is poised to make waves once again with its first-ever studio monitor, the Atlas i8. Aimed at the high-end market and sporting a unique 3-way speaker design with advanced DSP technology built in, the Atlas i8 has the potential to be a go-to speaker for professional midfield and nearfield applications, including surround and Dolby Atmos audio production.

Antelope Atlas i8 3-Way Isobaric Active Studio Monitor
Antelope Atlas i8 3-Way Isobaric Active Studio Monitor

First, let’s dig into the unique driver technology of the Atlas i8. These speakers sport a 3-way design with two 8" woofers sealed in an isobaric design. This essentially means that when one woofer fires, the other is synchronized to move behind the first, creating a pressure compensation effect that produces sealed volume with an even pressure level.

As a result of this unique design, the cabinet volume can be drastically reduced, producing ultra-low frequencies down to 35 Hz without boosts or distortion, and allowing for high sound-pressure levels in a relatively compact frame. The Atlas also includes coaxial mid- and high-frequency drivers that work together as a single point source for improved linear phase coherence and allow for free horizontal or vertical positioning without risking comb filtering or phase interference in the upper frequencies.

Proprietary digital signal processing is the bread and butter of Antelope Audio and the brand has developed an advanced DSP system for the Atlas i8. FPGA chips with FIR and IIR filters provide a deep and focused stereo image, precise transients, and fatigue-free studio sessions, as well as a flat and time-aligned frequency response. Through the DSP, you can also access a range of features, including lower-frequency configurations, a low-cut for 2-way operation, parametric EQ, and numerous other settings and controls accessed from a bright, color display on the rear of the speaker or user-friendly desktop software.

The connections are designed to facilitate an improved workflow, with typical analog XLR/TRS input and AES digital I/O, making it easy to daisy-chain two Atlas i8 speakers. This bypasses the interface conversions to reduce unwanted artifacts. Fundamental Antelope Audio digital technology is integrated into the monitors to ensure top-quality AD/DA conversion. Proprietary 64-bit Acoustically Focused Clocking tech runs at a 192 kHz sample rate so that no loss of audio quality occurs during conversion.

The Atlas i8 also includes a powerful tri-amped 400W class-D amplifier for potent sound reproduction, matching the most powerful competition on the market. With the hand-built 0.71" thick cabinet, you get a sturdy, vibration-free monitor that features ribs in key positions for extra reduction of resonant frequencies.

The front positioning of the bass reflex porting eliminates limitations associated with a close proximity to walls and corners. The support for optional mounting plates easily facilitates wall and ceiling installation, perfect for surround and Atmos setups. The minimalist visual design with stylish black and vintage green provides a final touch to the design.

So, with all that packed into a single Atlas i8 speaker, what’s not to like? The Atlas i8 offers top quality DSP, a powerful, unique driver system, and versatile performance that can support nearly any studio application. For more information about these new studio monitors, including additional features, specs, and highlights, be sure to check out the detailed product page for the Atlas i8. Or drop us a line below, and we’ll do our best to answer all your comments and questions.